How do you use Nupro white gold?

How do you use Nupro white gold?

Seat each tray firmly and press lightly against the front surfaces of your teeth. Wipe excess gel from your gums with your finger or a tissue. Leave Captivate by Nupro in for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes have passed, remove the trays and rinse your mouth with tepid water.

What is Nupro white varnish?

NUPRO® 5% Sodium Fluoride White Varnish is applied to tooth surfaces for sealing dentinal tubules and for the treatment of hypersensitive teeth. Applied with a brush in a thin layer, fluoride varnish provides a highly concentrated, temporary dose of fluoride to the tooth surface.

What is Nupro with fluoride?

Nupro White Varnish is a 5% sodium fluoride varnish with rapid fluoride release. It is formulated to reduce the amount of time patients must avoid hot beverages, crunchy foods, brushing, etc., by half.

How do you know if teeth whitening gel is expired?

Generally speaking, any exposure to light will affect the whitening agent’s level of potency to whiten your teeth. When you open it, pay attention to the consistency of the gel. If it appears foggy or white, it is too old. It likely is still safe to use.

What is varnish for teeth?

Fluoride varnish is a dental treatment that can help prevent tooth decay, slow it down, or stop it from getting worse. Fluoride varnish is made with fluoride, a mineral that can strengthen tooth enamel (outer coating on teeth). Keep in mind that fluoride varnish treatments cannot completely prevent cavities.

Should you keep teeth whitening gel in the fridge?

Store trays in the tray holder and gel in cool dry place away from heat and direct sunlight. The gel may be refrigerated to prolong the shelf life, but do not freeze. You may expect some slight gum sensitivity from wearing the trays, and your teeth may feel very slightly sensitive.

Is it OK to use expired teeth whitening gel?

Over time, hydrogen peroxide changes to water and oxygen. If you try and use a whitening kit after its expiration date, chances are you will only be getting gel and water as the oxygen will have leaked from the package. The oxygen is the key component for whitening your teeth.