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How do you use Find function from right in Excel?

How do you use Find function from right in Excel?

=RIGHT(A2,LEN(A2)-FIND(“*”,???)) The RIGHT function is used to extract text from the end of cell A2. To calculate the number of characters to extract, the LEN function returns the total characters in the cell. And then the FIND function locates our unique marker character.

How do you find a text from right in Excel?

Excel RIGHT Function

  1. Summary. The Excel RIGHT function extracts a given number of characters from the right side of a supplied text string.
  2. Extract text from the right of a string.
  3. One or more characters.
  4. =RIGHT (text, [num_chars])
  5. text – The text from which to extract characters on the right.

What is rept formula in Excel?

Summary. The Excel REPT function repeats characters a given number of times. For example, =REPT(“x”,5) returns “xxxxx”. Repeat text as specified. The repeated text.

What is the LEN function in Excel?

Description. LEN returns the number of characters in a text string. LENB returns the number of bytes used to represent the characters in a text string.

How do I search for specific data in Excel?

To find something, press Ctrl+F, or go to Home > Find & Select > Find.

  1. In the Find what: box, type the text or numbers you want to find.
  2. Click Find Next to run your search.
  3. You can further define your search if needed: Within: To search for data in a worksheet or in an entire workbook, select Sheet or Workbook.

What is difference between find and search in Excel?

The most essential difference between the Excel SEARCH and FIND functions is that SEARCH is case-insensitive, while FIND is case-sensitive. For example, SEARCH(“e”, “Excel”) returns 1 because it ignores the case of “E”, while FIND(“e”, “Excel”) returns 4 because it minds the case.

How do you use mid right function in Excel?

The Excel RIGHT function extracts a given number of characters from the right side of a supplied text string. For example, RIGHT(“apple”,3) returns “ple”. The Excel MID function extracts a given number of characters from the middle of a supplied text string. For example, =MID(“apple”,2,3) returns “ppl”.

How do I remove characters from the right in Excel?

Delete the last nth characters from right using an add-in

  1. Locate the DataXL tab on the ribbon. Select the cell which contains the text.
  2. Click on the Text Tools icon. A new window will appear.
  3. Enter the value.
  4. Example: If you want to remove the last six characters from right, use 6 as a parameter.

How do you use right function in Excel?

To use the LEFT and RIGHT functions in Excel: On the Formulas tab, in the Function Library group, click the Insert Function command. In the Insert Function dialog box: Search on “LEFT” or “RIGHT” or, in the Or select a category drop-down box, select Text. Under Select a function, select LEFT or RIGHT.

How do you use the right formula in Excel?

1. Show Formulas option on the Excel ribbon. In your Excel worksheet, go to the Formulas tab > Formula Auditing group and click the Show Formulas button. Microsoft Excel displays formulas in cells instead of their results right away. To get the calculated values back, click the Show Formulas button again to toggle it off.

How to use the Excel right function?

How to use the RIGHT Function in Excel: The RIGHT function extracts a specific number of characters you specify from the RIGHT (end of the string). =RIGHT(B3,C3) The above extracts 4 characters from the RIGHT or the end of the string. =RIGHT(B3) The second argument is optional and the default value of it is 1.

How do you reverse words in Excel?

1. Select the cells and apply this utility by clicking Kutools > Text > Reverse Text Order. 2. In the Reverse Text dialog box, choose the separator which separate the cell values that you want to reversed the words based on, see screenshot: 3. Then click Ok or Apply, the words in the cells have been reversed at once.