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How do you get meat in Stronghold Crusader?

How do you get meat in Stronghold Crusader?

For a hunter to produce meat, there must be deer around. The hunter will kill a deer, return to his post, and make 5 units of meat and take it to the granary. Other than that, it’s a fast source of food with 5- 9 posts. It appears in Stronghold, Stronghold 2 and Crusader.

What is crowding in stronghold 1?

Crowding will occur when your population exceeds your available housing. The population indicator will turn red if you have an overcrowding problem. Overcrowding may occur if a house is deleted or destroyed by the enemy.

Are there any cheat codes for Stronghold Crusader?

Cheat Codes for Stronghold Crusader. First, open the enable cheat mode by going to the main menu, pressing and holding the CTRL key, and typing TRIBLADE2002. While playing, enter any of the following codes for enhanced gameplay. ALT + C unlocks all missions. ALT + K lets you build for free. ALT + X increases your gold.

How to destroy a castle in Stronghold Crusader?

Take a small building such as an Oxen Tether. Place 1 or 2 of them right outside the gatehouse (s) of your enemy’s castle, but make sure their keep is enclosed first. Immediately put the Oxen Tethers to sleep. The ground troops will walk to the gatehouse to destroy them but they can’t get through, so they just walk back to their spot.

How to make more than one worker in Stronghold Crusader?

The “No Workers” symbol will appear above the building; yet, the old workers will still be working there, and new ones will come there too, thus, making it so you can have more than one person outputting resources at that building, making it so that you could make things such as 1 woodcutter that inputs the same amount of resources as 5 of them!

How to make a stronghold in RuneScape?

Select a “cannon fodder” troop, such as a spearman. Creep him towards the opposing castle’s walls to check the range of any defending weapons. Once this range is found, post one of these troops there as a “marker” for the next step. Have only one engineer begin building a trebuchet or catapult *just behind* the marker troop.