How do you drink limoncello liqueur?

How do you drink limoncello liqueur?

When serving limoncello, always pour it straight from the freezer, and preferably in chilled cordial or shot glasses. The colder the limoncello, the better the flavor. Like a romantic evening, limoncello should be savored slowly.

What’s limoncello made of?

Traditionally, limoncello is made from the zest of Femminello St. Teresa lemons, also known as Sorrento or Sfusato lemons. Lemon zest, or peels without the pith, is steeped in rectified spirit until the oil is released. The resulting yellow liquid is then mixed with simple syrup.

Does limoncello need to be refrigerated?

Limoncello does not require refrigeration for long-term storage. However, as is the tradition along the Amalfi Coast, we highly recommend chilling Fiore Limoncello either in the refrigerator or preferably in the freezer for several hours prior to serving.

What type of lemons are used in limoncello?

The type of lemon used for making Pallini Limoncello is the Sfusato Amalfitano, also known as Amalfi lemon. These lemons are protected by the Protected Geographical Indication, or PGI, from the EU, delimiting a specific area where they can be grown that comprises the 13 towns of the Amalfi Coast.

Should you freeze limoncello?

Can I Freeze Limoncello? If your limoncello was made with 100 proof or higher alcohol, then you can store it in the freezer. Limoncello that was made with 80 proof alcohol should be stored in the refrigerator instead of the freezer.

What should Limoncello taste like?

Answer Wiki. Limoncello is made from the zest of the lemon, so it should have a strong lemon flavor without any of the sour, and also not be bitter. There are often secondary flavors in it as well, such as vanilla.

What dessert goes with limoncello?

This liqueur is delicious when paired with Italian desserts, such as tiramisù, a pear tarte, fresh fruit or almost any chocolate concoction. Limoncello may also be served drizzled over ice cream. In the United States, limoncello is also increasingly used in cocktails, usually paired with vodka or champagne.

Is Limoncello an aperitif or digestif?

Limoncello, an Italian digestif once used to ward off sickness, makes a delightful springtime aperitif. Work this DIY recipe, made from organic lemons and craft vodka, into your springtime traditions. Prep Time15 mins Servings: 2 quarts

What can you mix Limoncello with?

Limoncello can be used as an aperitif mixed with sparkling wine, Champagne or mineral water, garnished with a twist of lemon peel. Or use it to flavor homemade lemon granita, sorbet or ice cream.