How do you deal with a teen who has Aspergers?

How do you deal with a teen who has Aspergers?

Keep doing the things that work.

  1. Be patient.
  2. Kids still need structure, downtime, soothing activities, and preparation for transitions.
  3. Go with the flow of your child’s nature.
  4. Have realistic, modest goals for what the teen or the family can accomplish in a given time period.
  5. Communication.

What are the signs of Asperger’s in a teenager?

12 Signs of Asperger’s in Teens

  • Trouble taking turns during conversations.
  • Difficulty interpreting social cues, body language, tone of voice and facial expressions.
  • Struggles to empathize with or understand the perspective of others.
  • Difficulty staying on task and understanding or following directions.

What therapy is best for Aspergers?

ABA Therapy for Asperger’s Syndrome Of all forms of therapy for autism, ABA is the best researched and the most successful. That remains true whether people have Asperger’s syndrome or another form of autism. This type of therapy has long fascinated researchers, and when they dig in, they discover that it works.

How do you make Aspergers go away?

Treatments can include:

  1. Social skills training. In groups or one-on-one sessions, therapists teach your child how to interact with others and express themselves in more appropriate ways.
  2. Speech-language therapy.
  3. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).
  4. Parent education and training.

How can I help my daughter with Aspergers?

  1. Teach practical social skills.
  2. Work on your child’s problem solving skills.
  3. Teach your child to be self-aware.
  4. Encourage your child to develop socially appropriate behavior.
  5. Help your child develop a routine.

How can I help my teen with Aspergers make friends?

You can also support him making friends by persisting in exposing him to new social opportunities that ideally match his interests and facilitating him making contact with or visiting any potential friends. If he is open to the idea, you can also coach him in the social skills needed to make friends.

Does Prozac help with Asperger’s?

The research, which included 37 high-functioning autistic adults, mainly diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, followed participants for 12 weeks. Taking Prozac (fluoxetine) doubled the chances that a patient would show overall improvement, measured by their clinicians.

How can I make my Aspergers happy?

5 Tips for Loving Someone with Asperger’s Syndrome

  1. Don’t put the blame solely on your partner.
  2. Learn as much as you can about AS.
  3. Reframe your partner’s behavior.
  4. Be specific about your needs.
  5. Talk about how you’d like to connect with each other.