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How do you counter pick a void spirit?

How do you counter pick a void spirit?


  1. Orchid Malevolence and. Bloodthorn shut down Void Spirit completely with the silence.
  2. Hood of Defiance and. Pipe of Insight will help reduce Void Spirit’s burst damage.
  3. None of his spells besides his ultimate pierces spell immunity, making. Black King Bar a good item against him.

How does Sniper counter spirit breaker?

The only viable way for him to break is by sneaking up on your with a shadow blade and using a halberd to break the active. Sniper’s counter is anything with that can close the gap. The way to avoid this is to position yourself well by using fog/terrain.

Who goes well with Spirit Breaker?


  • Heroes that are squishy by nature are an easy target for Spirit Breaker: Sniper, Drow Ranger, Shadow Shaman.
  • Heroes that rely on invisibility can be tracked with Charge of Darkness opening them to team attacks: Bounty Hunter, Mirana, Riki.

What hero can counter void spirit?

Void SpiritCounters

Hero Dis. Hero Win Rate
Lone Druid 3.09% 47.76%
Ember Spirit 2.73% 51.83%
Night Stalker 2.70% 45.49%
Io 2.42% 47.57%

How do you counter sniper mid?

The best way to counter Sniper is by choosing a hero that can close the distance and break into his comfort zone. Initiators with stuns: Sand King, Earthshaker, Puck, Tusk, or Clockwerk can easily jump on him, forcing Sniper to retreat from the fight, or blocking him long enough for their teammates to deal with him.

Does sniper counter Huskar?

Lately, I’ve played many games against a huskar mid and I’ve always counterpicked him with sniper. My general strategy is to max E + W, stay away from the huskar and CS in peace. If the huskar takes an aggressive position near my creeps, I go 0-3-2 and just right click him out of there.

Which hero can counter barats?

1. Kaja. The first hero to counter Barats easily is Kaja, the Support hero with amazing CCs. Kaja can make life miserable for Barats since he can dodge Barats’ attacks using Lightning Bomb (2).

What hero counters Necrophos?


Hero Dis. Hero Win Rate
Anti-Mage 3.62% 48.91%
Drow Ranger 3.39% 50.39%
Pugna 3.39% 53.53%
Sniper 3.21% 48.71%

How to counter charge of darkness with Spirit Breaker?

In the early game, Omniknight can look like an easy target for Spirit Breaker, but with Purification and Degen Aura, what could be an opportunity could quickly turn into disaster. Heavenly Grace can be used to counter Charge of Darkness by minimizing the damage and lowering the stun duration with status resistance.

When to counter and when to pick Spirit Breaker?

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What can you Counter Spirit Breaker with in Dota 2?

Treant Protector can also counter initiate Spirit Breaker with Leech Seed and his bash from Nature’s Guise before he manages to escape. Pit of Malice can be cast in the path of Spirit Breaker’s Charge of Darkness to cancel it.

What can you use a firesnap cookie on Spirit Breaker?

Surge allows Spirit Breaker to increase his movement and Charge of Darkness speed, decreasing his target time to counter, while simultaneously increasing his damage. A Firesnap Cookie can be used on a charging Spirit Breaker, further disabling the enemies he has fixated more.