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How do you complete the Endrega contract in Witcher 2?

How do you complete the Endrega contract in Witcher 2?

To complete this, you must open all 3 cocoons in each area and defeat each of the queen endregas that appear. Remember to clear the area of regular endregas beforehand to make this easier.

How can I learn about Endregas?

In order to learn more on the Endregas’ life, you just have to kill them. You can start doing it at the woods, where you will find lots of monsters – they come down from trees, so try to keep an eye on the upper parts of the screen.

How do you kill an Endrega cocoon?

Kill them, then look for clam-like shells hanging from the nearby trees. Crack them open and slash merrily away at their contents to destroy each of several cocoons.

What is an Endrega?

An endrega, endryag, or endriaga, is a species of insectoid said to resemble a huge lizard. They inhabit the forests in the southern parts of Northern Kingdoms, in areas like the Dank Wilderness.

Where can I find Queen Endrega?

In order to summon the two Endrega Queens you must destroy all six of the cocoons which are located in two separate areas: the first group is southeast of the town, past the Nekker nests and north of a wrecked wagon; the second group is roughly halfway between the town wall and the ruined elven baths to the south.

Where is Cedric in Witcher 2?

Cedric was an elven merchant and craftsman who can usually be found on or near the observation platform in Lobinden.

How do I destroy Endrega nest?

Endrega nests (Eggs) can be destroyed using Igni and so can rats nests. If you need to replenish your bombs just meditate with Strong Alcohol like Alcohest and they will refill along with your potions. Grapeshot & Samum bombs can both be used to destroy nests…

Where can I find an Endrega embryo?

Endrega Workers drop Endrega Embryo’s (as well as Endrega hearts, Venom extract and Chitin scales). Endrega workers can normally be found travelling in small groups (6+) in and around caves and abandoned structures in Velen and Skellige.

How do you fight Endrega?

The best way to deal with Endrega Warriors is to slow them down with the Yrden Sign and freeze them with the Northern Wind Bomb and attack them from behind. You should be careful of its tail attacks which can poison you.

How do you fight Arachas?

How to Fight. The normal Arachas are really easy to deal with. The best and simplest way to deal with them is to hit them with the Aard Sign and rush them with sword strikes.

Do you have to kill endregas to get the contract?

The mission is very easy, but rather time-consuming. It’s a good idea to take the contract from the board and continue completing other quests – the first part of this mission will pretty much complete itself. In order to learn more on the Endregas’ life, you just have to kill them.

When is the best time to complete the endrega contract?

The best time to concern yourself with completing it is after you have completed the Indecent Proposal story quest. (LEFT) ‘The Endrega Warrior monsters tend to guard the cocoons.’ (RIGHT) ‘Be careful not to give the massive Endrega Queen time to charge you or that will be the end of you.’

What did The Witcher learn from the endrega contract?

The witcher learned that destroying the cocoons would draw the endrega queens, and their deaths would mean the end of the swarm. The idea proved to be right on target.

Where do you get three years among the endregas?

The book Three Years Among the Endregas can be obtained from Einar Gausel in Flotsam. It is also possible to obtain the book from a corpse located in the cave you are sent into for the Malena quest. Instead of buying the book, you can also keep killing endregas until you “acquire” the knowledge.