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How do you become a junior Bassmaster?

How do you become a junior Bassmaster?

Have a minimum of two anglers. An adult is required to be the advisor of the club. You also must affiliate with a State Nation. Once you sign up with us, then we will put you in touch with the state representatives so they can instruct you on their affiliation process.

How can I join Thsba?

“In order to be eligible to compete in any THSBA tournament, contestants must have passing grades in all subjects enrolled. Team Advisors are accountable to ensure all competing student anglers from their respective schools are meeting this requirement for eligibility.”

How much does it cost to enter a bass tournament?

AVERAGE $ FOR A PRO-AM EVENT Having fishing hundreds of events, including BASS, FLW, and various regional tournaments, I can say that an average day will usually cost, at a minimum, $100. (But be prepared, as often times it’s more than that.)

How do I cancel my bass subscription?

A: To cancel your subscription or get a refund please contact customer service at [email protected] or call 1-877-227-7872.

What is the payout for the Bassmaster Opens?

Prize money is determined by the total number of anglers who registered. The winning angler in this competition will get $45,700; the top co-angler, $22,200, said Emily Harley, a spokesperson for B.A.S.S.

Where is the Bassmaster Classic 2021?

Ray Roberts Lake State Park Isle du Bois
2021 Bassmaster Classic/Location
But the coronavirus pandemic pushed back the 2021 event, which is finally set to get underway Friday at Ray Roberts Lake State Park in Pilot Point, Texas. It’s the first time the tournament is being held in June.

What is the top bass fishing tournament?

The Bassmaster Classic is the biggest competition in the B.A.S.S. stable. It started in 1971 and is considered the ‘Super Bowl of fishing,’ where the winner goes home with $300,000. With over $1,000,000 in prize money, it’s understandable why the tournament is the fan-favorite.

What was the first bass tournament in Texas?

Earl Golding, Outdoors Editor for the Waco Tribune-Herald, organized the very first bass fishing tournament; the Texas State Bass Tournament. No big prizes were offered, just the honor of being recognized as one of the State’s top anglers, plus the opportunity to see and make friends from all parts of the Great State of Texas.

Who are the Texas anglers of the year?

The SE Texas Region Angler of The Year went to Wesley Baxley from The Bass Club followed closely by Eric Adams from The Bass Club. 3rd place in the AOY Race went to Gary Robin from the Vidor Bass Anglers, 4th was Albert Collins from the Nacogdoches Bass Club, 5th place was Derrick Shoffitt from the Nacogdoches Bass Club.

How to qualify for Bassmaster Classic in Texas?

I pledge myself to full adherence to all conservation codes and to detect and report any polluter of our nation’s waters. Contact the Region Director in your area for more information and get signed up to compete for your opportunity to advance…..all the way to the BASSMASTER CLASSIC!

Where was the last Texas Bass Nation held?

The Northwest Region of the Texas BASS Nation held its final regional event of the year on June 5th at lake E.V. Spence. The weather was great with light winds and plenty of sunshine. The lake level was on the rise after some much needed rain and … [Continue reading] Click thumbnail to enlarge picture.