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How do you become a certified makeup artist?

How do you become a certified makeup artist?

Steps to Become a Licensed Makeup Artist

  1. Find out your state’s requirements.
  2. Find and enroll in a school or program that teaches that specialty.
  3. Complete the program and the required number of training hours.
  4. Complete the required apprenticeship or other practicum training.
  5. Take and pass any required tests.

Do you need a makeup license in Illinois?

Working exclusively as a makeup artist in Illinois does not require you to hold a license. This means you can offer makeup application services without operating under the authority of any state regulatory agency. Esthetician License – requires 750 hours of education from an approved cosmetology school.

How much money does it cost to be a makeup artist?

For makeup schools that focus on fashion makeup, you can go to: A “full time” school for three to six months, where will learn absolutely everything you need to know, and that will cost you between $10,000 and $25,000 for the program; or you can go to…

How much money do makeup artists make?

The national average salary for a makeup artist in the United States is $31.44 per hour with a salary range between $7.25 and $94.45 per hour.

How do I become a licensed makeup artist in Illinois?

In the state of Illinois, you must have an esthetician license to offer the service of makeup application. You need no fewer than 750 hours of training by the time you complete your education. Your education also covers skin care, facial massage, hair removal, exfoliation, and other skin improving treatments.

How do I become a permanent makeup artist in Illinois?

State License Requirements Entire establishments are licensed, but permanent makeup artists do not need individual licensure. You do need to demonstrate your knowledge in anatomy, infectious disease control, and skin diseases. You must also complete an approved bloodborne pathogen training course.