How do you beat the Molgera in Wind Waker?

How do you beat the Molgera in Wind Waker?

Use the Hookshot to draw them in close then attack with your sword. Even if you can’t see the smaller sand worms, you can still target them and pull them out of the sand. The boss will sometimes emerge from the sand and fly through the air. Just be sure to roll out of the way when it comes crashing down on you.

Where do you fight Molgera?

Molgera is the Boss of the Wind Temple in The Wind Waker. It is a giant flying sand snake, which most often contains itself inside the large amount of sand found in the room. Upon entering the room, the large pedstal in the center will sink below the sand.

How do you beat Kalle demos?

It is possible to defeat Kalle Demos with a one-hit kill. When leaving the Forest Haven towards the Forbidden Woods, use a Bottle to snatch some of the Forest Water around the Great Deku Tree. After using the Boomerang to detach Kalle Demos’ vines from the ceiling, it will fall to the ground.

How many bosses are there in Wind Waker?

There are eight full-fledged boss battles in the Wind Waker quest, in addition to some mid-dungeon and larger monsters, such as Big Octo or Mothula.

How much damage does a Molduga do?

Ancient Bow, 44 damage.

What is the boss on the wind temple in Wind Waker?

Molgera is the Boss of the Wind Temple in The Wind Waker.

How do you beat the Earth Temple Boss?

Run up to the Poes and slash at them with your sword. The big Poe will sometimes try to blow you into the wall of spikes himself and he’ll soon also turn up the heat with several different fire attacks. Luckily, you can simply outrun each of them. When the Poe is low on energy he will also try to fall on you.

Who is the final boss in Wind Waker?

Ganondorf is the final boss in The Wind Waker. The battle is fought on top of Ganon’s Tower. With the help of Princess Zelda, Link can finally defeat Ganondorf.

Does the Molduking Respawn?

After the Molduking has been defeated, it will reappear in the East Barrens after every Blood Moon.

What’s the password Greta Zelda?

Link can learn that the password is “GSC♦” during this Side Quest by eavesdropping on a group of Gerudo in The Noble Canteen. The manager of the Club, Greta, will allow Link to enter with this password. Upon entering and speaking to Greta, she notices that she hasn’t seen Link before and welcomes him as a member.

How do you become heavy as the Great Deku Tree?

Walk over and speak with Makar to learn that you can free him by becoming as heavy as the Great Deku Tree. Go through the door opposite of the one you entered and kill off the Peahats. Now drop down to the floor beneath and kill the Floormaster. Use the Deku Leaf on the propeller to move the wall.

How to play molgera battle in Wind Waker?

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What does molgera do in Legend of Zelda?

This yields a Heart Container to Link as a reward and restores the Wind Temple’s seal, allowing Makar to take up his role as the Wind Sage and restoring the remainder of the Master Sword ‘s lost power. In Art & Artifacts, Molgera got its name swapped with Jalhalla.

How is the molgera battle similar to Twinmold battle?

The Molgera battle also bears a striking resemblance to the Twinmold battle from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, as both are fought in a sandy arena, both are giant worm-like creatures, both can summon smaller enemies to attack Link, and both crawl out of the sand to attack Link.

How does molgera get out of the sand?

After Molgera sends its Larvae out, Link must watch for Molgera as it emerges from the sand and flies through the air, attempting to crush him when it dives back in. After receiving enough damage, the boss flies into the air and explodes in a shower of sand, revealing the Triforce crest with blue light.