How do I write a duke application essay?

How do I write a duke application essay?

You’ll need to be clear, succinct, and honest in order for your Duke admissions essay to stand out. Because the word limit is so constrained, it’s better to focus on one or two specific ideas, rather than trying to cram as many thoughts as possible into your short essay.

What’s special about Duke?

Duke is unique in SO many ways. Not only is it unique in its BEAUTIFUL architecture, it also has east campus – a campus where only freshman live. Duke is a big fan of the “work hard, play hard” mentality, and the students are often out and about on the campus doing fun things.

What kind of students go to Duke?

Given that the Duke’s student population is an internationally diverse body of uniquely talented, focused, driven, hardworking, intelligent and competitive achievers who were admitted to Duke after lifelong preparation in academics, athletics or the arts, ethics, and earnest, dedicated, community service, students with …

What programs is Duke known for?

Its graduate programs include the highly ranked Fuqua School of Business, Pratt School of Engineering, School of Law, School of Medicine, Sanford School of Public Policy and School of Nursing. Duke also offers graduate programs through its well-respected Divinity School and Nicholas School of the Environment.

Is Duke a white school?

But while one might say that Duke is diverse—although most statistics comfortably leave out that each class is still at least 47 percent white—in navigating social circles on campus, I’ve found very few social spaces that showcase the balanced diversity Duke prides itself on.

What percent of Duke is white?


What is Duke most known for?

Duke University, located in the US state of North Carolina, is one of the wealthiest private universities in America and a top producer of international scholars. It was founded in 1838 as Trinity College but became known as Duke University only in 1924 after the Duke Endowment was established.

Can freshmen have cars at Duke?

Welcome to Duke! As a first-year student, you’re allowed to bring a vehicle to campus, however, other modes of transportation are available and may be preferable: Biking is encouraged, and designated parking is available. Duke bus and van service is free to students.

Do Duke students get free tickets?

No, you don’t have to pay. Duke offers its students free admission to all home sporting events as long as students show their DukeCard upon entry. Some sporting events require a ticket—notably football games—which can be picked up with a DukeCard at the Duke Athletics Ticket Office.

Why do Duke students campout?

Duke’s campus also happens to be home to an extremely famous line, with roughly 1,200 undergraduate students camping out each spring for entry into the Duke-UNC men’s basketball game. Tenting began as an informal process in 1986, when a few students decided they wanted the best seats in the house for the Carolina game.

How much does it cost to be an Iron Duke?

Duke University Blue Devils To become an Iron Dukes member an individual must contribute $100 or more on an annual basis.

Is Duke a Catholic?

Duke University was created in 1924, an expansion of what was then Trinity College. Duke’s primary religious affiliation is with the United Methodist Church, but the school officially is non-denominational.

What is the largest Catholic university in the United States?

DePaul is the largest Catholic University in the country.