How do I watch my uverse recordings on my iPad?

How do I watch my uverse recordings on my iPad?

You can view these titles on your home TV by renting them from the U-verse Movies library. Press the On Demand button on your home remote control to get started. You can browse additional content about shows in the program guide. When this content is available, you’ll see an Explore button on the program details page.

Can I watch U-verse DVR recordings on my iPad?

The AT U-verse App is available for free on Android and iOS devices. With the app, you can stream live and On Demand TV, manage your DVR and more. You still can’t watch DVR recordings, but you can get lots of live and On Demand entertainment.

Can I watch my recordings on uverse app?

The AT U-verse Mobile application is no additional charge. U-verse TV subscribers are able to view their guide, set up and manage recordings and browse the catalog of shows available for download or streaming.

How do I watch AT TV on my iPad?

How to Stream AT TV on iPad

  1. Sign up for an AT TV package at
  2. Turn on your iPad.
  3. Open the “App Store”
  4. Click the “Search” icon and type “AT TV” in the search bar.
  5. Click “Get” next to the AT TV app.
  6. Input your Apple ID password if prompted.

Can I watch uverse on my iPad away from home?

Subscribers to AT’s U-verse internet television service now have the ability to watch more than 100 live channels on their iOS devices from inside their home or more than 20 channels when outside their home, the company announced. …

Why can’t I see my recordings on uverse?

Try these quick tips: Restart your U-verse TV receiver (DVR) by holding down the POWER button for 5 seconds, then press it again to restart. (This takes 5-8 minutes and impacts any DVR recordings in progress.) Press the Recorded TV button on your remote if your recorded program is frozen or missing.

How do I watch my AT recording on my phone?

Access your DVR Recordings Open the DIRECTV App and tap Watch Your DVR. Choose On DVR and play any fully recorded show or movie from your DVR playlist. Select the down arrow to start downloading the show or movie to your device. Tap My downloads and choose the show you want to watch.

What is the difference between AT TV and AT watch TV?

AT is instead focusing on its AT TV service and DirecTV Stream service (formerly AT NOW). AT Watch TV is a television streaming service that delivers live TV without a cable or satellite subscription.

Can I watch uverse DVR recordings on my computer?

To access U-verse with your computer, sign-on to to watch thousands of your favorite TV shows, movies, and more for free. You can get information on the latest U-verse TV features such as AT U-verse My Multiview or sign in with your U-verse ID to manage your DVR recordings.

How do I restore my recordings on uverse?

How Do I Reset My DVR With AT U-Verse?

  1. Hold down the power button on your AT U-Verse DVR for 10 seconds, then press it once more to restart your AT U-Verse DVR.
  2. After your AT U-Verse DVR restarts, attempt to access a frozen or missing program by pressing the Recorded TV button on your AT U-Verse remote.

How do I get Into you verse on my iPad?

Log into U-verse for iPad by entering your AT U-verse Member ID and Password. This login uses the same Member ID and Password as your AT High Speed Internet account (which is the same as your e-mail account provided with your AT High Speed Internet service).

What can I do with my at & t you verse tablet?

Using a cellular or WiFi data connection, you can learn more about your favorite shows, watch top programs and movies on demand, share comments about programs to Facebook, and more. When your tablet is connected to your U-verse High- Speed Internet home network, you can control your AT U-verse TV viewing experience from your tablet.

How many shows can you record on U-verse?

You are able to record up to four shows at a time on your U-verse Total Home DVR. If you attempt to set a recording and a conflict arises, you can resolve the conflict right from your iPad. When scheduling a recording and this type of conflict arises, you’ll see a pop up message.

How do I record an episode on my iPad?

First, browse or search to locate the show you would like to record. Select the Recordbutton to show a menu of recording options. Choose Record This Episodeto record only this episode or select Record Series to record the entire series. You’ll receive confirmation your recording is set.