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How do I turn off the maintenance required light on my Toyota Prius?

How do I turn off the maintenance required light on my Toyota Prius?

How to turn off the maintenance required light on prius

  1. Hold in the brake and press the start until the car turns on.
  2. Continue to hold in the ODO while turning car off and on with START while foot on brake.
  3. The maintenance required light will be out.

How do I turn off the maintenance required light on my Toyota?

How to Reset the Maintenance Required Light?

  1. Turn Your Vehicle on. Your key should be switched to the on position and look on your dashboard.
  2. Turn the Vehicle Off and Press the Trip Meter Reset Button.
  3. Turn the Vehicle Back on.
  4. Keep the Reset Button Pressed.
  5. Release the Reset Button.

Can I drive my Prius in maintenance mode?

CAN I DRIVE MY TOYOTA PRIUS IN MAINTENANCE MODE? If you drive your car in maintenance mode be very careful. The vehicle will idle, traction and other self-preservation and components will be disabled. Driving your Toyota Prius in maintenance mode can result in greater damage to the overall vehicle and the car inverter.

What does maintenance required mean on a Toyota Prius?

Resetting the “Maintenance Required” Light on a Toyota Prius. The “Maintenance Required” indicator on the dash of a Toyota Prius isn’t an indication of a serious problem. It’s simply an indicator used to remind you to have your oil changed. After having your oil changed or changing your oil yourself, you’ll want to reset it…

How do you reset the oil on a Toyota Prius?

Then Press the Right Arrow to navigate SETTINGS (Gear Icon). Now select MAINTENANCE SYSTEM > Oil maintenance > then Select YES to reset the OIL MAINTENANCE. Reset Complete Message appear. Turn the Power Off. Oil Maintenance reset is complete.

How do you Turn Off Accessory mode on a Toyota Prius?

Push the START BUTTON, don’t start the ENGINE (Accessory Mode Only) Press the TRIP button, to display TRIP A on the Driver Information Display. Then Turn The IGNITION To OFF. Now Press the KMH/MPH Button, then Push the START button twice to enable ACCESSORY MODE.

How to turn off Odo reading on Toyota Prius?

1 Press the Power button twice (2X) with your foot off of the brake. 2 Using the ODO button below the multi-function display, press to cycle through and stop on the ODO reading rather than on Trip A or Trip B. 3 Press the Power button once to power your Prius down.