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How do I log into my KPU email?

How do I log into my KPU email?

Your student email is at Log in using your student number and password (PIN).

What is KPU email ID?

KPU Contact Information

Department Phone Email
Academic Advising 604-599-2828 [email protected]
Admissions 604-599-2000 [email protected]
Alumni Association 604-599-3003 [email protected]
Apprentice Services 604-598-6102 [email protected]

Is KPU international office open?

Due to COVID-19, KPU International is providing all services remotely. However, rest assured that KPU International Advisors are still available to support you. Read below for information on how to connect with advisors.

Is KPU open in fall 2021?

In line with the guidance from the Provincial Health Officer, Kwantlen Polytechnic University is planning for a return to more on-campus teaching, learning and research in Fall 2021. The plans are being developed based on guidance in the COVID-19 Return-to-Campus Primer issued on April 30.

Will Fall 2021 KPU online?

Our fall course offerings will include a variety of in-person and online classes, as well as classes being offered in a blended or partially online format.

How can I get KPU ID?

To get your KPU Card:

  1. Apply online using the KPU Card Submission Form on The KPU Card.
  2. Wait for an email from the Library that states your card is ready to pick up.
  3. Visit Service Desk at the campus library you selected anytime during Library open hours. Don’t forget to bring government issued photo ID.

How do I declare my major KPU?

Complete the Program Declaration Form electronically and submit from your KPU student email address to [email protected]. *The declaration submission deadline for BSN and BPN will be the Early Deadline as noted above.

Is KPU still online?

Yes. KPU will offer a number of courses in a blended, or partially online format that include both on-campus, in-person and online delivery of the curriculum. Courses requiring students to be on-campus for in-person delivery will be noted in the timetable so you are aware of this requirement when you register.

Will KPU fall 2021 be online?

Is KPU a good school?

Kwantlen Polytechnic University is a really great place for people who are looking for a positive learning environment. With four campuses (Surrey, Richmond, Langley and Cloverdale) and a 35-person class cap, the vibes at KPU are incredible.

Where can I Find my KPU email address?

Use this email account to communicate with faculty, submit assignments, and access services at KPU. If you have any questions or concerns about your student email, please see or contact the IT Service Desk at [email protected] or 604-599-2116.

How to contact KPU Kwantlen Polytechnic University student email?

Student email addresses are in the form of firstname.lastname, with some variation to account for students sharing the same name. If you have any questions or concerns, please see or contact the IT Service Desk at [email protected] or 604-599-2116. Tuition Estimator Apply Now

How to contact the KPU student service desk?

If you have any questions or concerns, please see or contact the IT Service Desk at [email protected] or 604-599-2116. How can we help you? I am looking for…

How big is the storage for KPU mail?

Call our support desk at 225-2111. 15 GB combined storage for mail data – never run out of space and no need to delete e-mails! Privacy – KPU doesn’t release your information to third parties except as required by law.