How do I get a job in WA mines?

How do I get a job in WA mines?

Ways to Go About Get a Mining Job

  1. Have Qualifications and/or experience.
  2. Establish Contacts and Network.
  3. Contact Recruitment Agencies and/or Labour Hire Companies.
  4. Go to the Mining Towns.
  5. Be in the Right Place at the Right Time.
  6. Shut Downs.

How much do miners make in WA?

Average wage in mining is $123,844.

What jobs are available in the mines?

Professional Mining vacancies can include:

  • Geologist.
  • Metallurgist.
  • Mine Manager.
  • Superintendent.
  • Production Manager.
  • Maintenance Manager.
  • Process Manager.
  • Operations Manager.

What is a Drillers Offsider?

A Drillers Offsider helps to move, set-up and operate drilling rigs and secondary equipment to drill holes for mineral exploration and oil/gas exploration and production. A Drillers Offside role is also to load casing, tubing, clean the rig, collect core samples and follow instructions from the Driller.

How much do miners get paid per hour?

The average hourly rate in the sector was reported to be $52.30. “In the Mining industry, 63 per cent of full-time adult non-managerial employees earned weekly total cash earnings of more than $2,000 per week,” ABS director of labour employer surveys, Mike Scott said.

How much do drillers offsiders earn?

Find out what the average Drillers Offsider salary is Entry-level positions start at $75,563 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $93,600 per year.

What’s the minimum salary for mining in WA?

Show work type refinements. All work types Show minimum salary refinements. paying $0 Show maximum salary refinements. to $200k+ Show date listed refinements. listed any time Boart Longyear are seeking experienced Underground Drillers for one of our SA and WA operations.

How to get a job in the mining industry?

Do a few swings and then get put through your lessons and test by us once you are settled in the job Dump Truck Operators for an IMMEDIATE START!! Surface Entry Level Drillers Offsiders – No HR licence required! 2:1 swings on mine sites only – no caravans in the bush! Ready to make your mark in the Aussie mining industry?

Are there any mining jobs in south west?

South West Personnel along with South32 are currently recruiting for our next intake of experienced haul truck operators. Surface Entry Level Drillers Offsiders – No HR licence required!

What kind of job can you get in Western Australia?

A permanent full-time role, with career progression. Mechanically minded individual, with a passion for mining. Upon commencing, you will be enrolled in a Certificate ll in Underground Metalliferous Mining and…