How do I contact BMC support?

How do I contact BMC support?

Contacting Customer Support You can search the Knowledge Base for help with an issue or download products and maintenance. If you do not have access to the web and you are in the United States or Canada, contact BMC Support at 800 537 1813.

What is BMC Helix remedy?

BMC Helix Remedy: Delivers the service management through auto-classification, assignment and routing of incidents. Predictive service management tools across the Enterprise create a System of Action for rapid, effective service delivery.

What is the latest version of BMC Remedy?

Documentation by Supported Product Version

Version Product Name Release Date
19.02.00 Remedy AR System Server 28-Feb-2019
18.08.00 Remedy AR System Server 31-Aug-2018
18.05.00 Remedy AR System Server 31-May-2018
9.1.04 Remedy AR System Server 05-Dec-2017

Is BMC part of Salesforce?

BMC Helix Remedyforce is comprehensive IT service management that easily scales and adapts to the needs of mid-size companies. Built on Salesforce cloud, it allows you to seamlessly combine IT operations management (ITOM) and cognitive capabilities to ensure the business is efficient, compliant, and secure.

What is the difference between BMC helix and BMC Remedy?

BMC Helix ITSM or Next Gen Remedy: You may have seen it previously called “BMC Remedy”, but as it has been updated to work within the Helix technology, it now can be hosted on the cloud. The UX for BMC Remedy is user-centric, so the technology revolves around roles, not modules.

What is support Central?

Support Central is your go-to place for product support and questions. Named Administrators are able to submit cases, manage cases, track cases using the Case Tracker, and improved work order intake processes.

How much does BMC Helix cost?

Our Start Plan comes with 500 daily executions, but you can add up to 6,000 additional daily executions. If you need more than 6,500 total daily executions, contact our Sales experts to learn more about our customizable Scale Plan….$29,000.

1000 $14,560
2000 $23,300

What is BMC Remedy used for?

BMC Remedy ITSM is a service management tool that automates the ITIL process in the modern era. They support various forms of service tickets by which users can create requests that flow to other systems within an organization.

Which is the latest version of BMC Remedy IT?

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu. Remedy IT Service Management Suite (Remedy ITSM Suite) and BMC Helix ITSM service provide out of-the-box IT Information Library (ITIL) service support functionality.

How does BMC Remedy help with service management?

Create and resolve incidents faster with intelligent, context-aware, and proactive incident matching. Bring key information to customers and support personnel, right where they need it. Deliver a seamless service experience across multi-cloud environments. Turn powerful reports into stunning dashboards quickly and easily.

Where can I find support Central for BMC?

Visit and click on the ‘Support Login’ button. From the Support Central page, click on the ‘Product Downloads, Patches and Fixes’ link and then select ‘Product Downloads (EPD)’. Please see the Support Central User Guide for further details.

Is the BMC Remedy smart reporting interface compatible?

Videos on user onboarding and content import in BMC Remedy Smart Reporting are now available. Enhanced information is now available for accessing and navigating the BMC Remedy Smart Reporting interface. Note: BMC Remedy ITSM version 9.1.00 is compatible with Service Pack 1 for version 1.3 of BMC Remedy with Smart IT.