How can you tell a fake Givenchy Antigona?

How can you tell a fake Givenchy Antigona?

The authentic bag’s logo is not placed in the middle, rather more towards the top. Also make sure the point of the triangle is exactly in the center of the handles and that it’s puffy, not flat. Handles on authentic mini antigona bags should not flop over or be unstructured, they should stand straight up on their own.

Is Givenchy Antigona still in style?

Givenchy Antigona is an elegant handbag that is still in style and looks modern, though it was launched in 2011.

When did the Givenchy Antigona come out?

In fact, the Antigona was released in 2010 as a modern interpretation of Givenchy’s Boston bag. It takes its name from Antigone, a powerful female figure in Greek mythology, whose own name translates as “unbending”.

Is Givenchy made in China?

Where are Givenchy bags made? Authentic Givenchy bags, belts, clothing, hats, wallets, jewelry, and shoes are all made in Italy. Givenchy does not produce anything in China.

How much does a Givenchy Antigona medium weigh?

Is Givenchy Antigona Heavy? As the size of your Antigona bag increases, so does the weight! Expect Medium and Large Antigona to be pretty heavy even when they are empty (1.45 kg). Mini Antigona weighs about 630 g, and Small Antigona weighs 990 g.

Is Givenchy Antigona a classic?

Over the last 10 years, Givenchy’s Antigona bag has become one of the house’s classics, sought after by those wanting a versatile and sophisticated signature bag that will stand the test of time. In celebration of its 10th anniversary, the fashion house is launching a new take on the timeless design, the Antigona Soft.

What kind of bag is Givenchy medium Antigona?

Medium Antigona bag in smooth black box leather. Trapezoid shape with triangular GIVENCHY patch, oversized zip and metal details. Removable shoulder strap. Two flat pockets and one interior zippered pocket . Composition : 100% Calfskin leather. Lining : 100% Cotton. Jewellery : 100% Zamac. Country of origin: Italy.

How long does it take to get a Givenchy bag?

Composition : 100% Calfskin leather. Lining : 100% Cotton. Jewellery : 100% Zamac. Country of origin: Italy. Express Delivery within 2 business days. Delivery cost is 15 USD Next day Air Delivery within 1-2 business days. Delivery cost is 20 USD

When is the toll free toll free number for Givenchy?

Our team of advisors will assist you in English or Spanish from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm (Eastern time) (toll-free number for all calls from USA).