How can we stop gender-based violence in schools?

How can we stop gender-based violence in schools?

New resource to help end school-related gender-based violence

  1. Applying a whole school approach to preventing SRGBV;
  2. Engaging teachers to create safe and gender-responsive learning environments;
  3. Shifting harmful gender norms through curricular approaches;
  4. Establishing safe and confidential reporting mechanisms;

What is school based violence?

School violence is defined (Mncube, 2013:3) as “any behaviour of learners, educators, administrators or non-school persons, attempting to inflict injury on another person or to damage school property”.

What is the purpose of gender-based violence act?

The primary focus of the GBV Law is to regulate the measures needed to effectively achieve the principle of gender equality, to repress and make perpetrators accountable, and guarantee support to victims.

How do you mitigate gender-based violence?

This can be done through organising campaigns, training, peer-to-peer education, or by including a gender equality dimension in all aspects of education policies; Providing accessible information about what gender-based violence is, about its different forms, possible remedies and existing support measures.

What are the five causes of gender-based violence?

These factors interact with a number of drivers, such as social norms (which may be cultural or religious), low levels of women’s empowerment, lack of social support, socio-economic inequality, and substance abuse.

What are the different types of school violence?

Examples of school violence include:

  • Bullying and cyberbullying.
  • Fighting (e.g., punching, slapping, kicking)
  • Weapon use.
  • Gang violence.
  • Sexual violence.

What is school violence prevention?

Universal school-based violence prevention programs provide students and school staff with information about violence, change how youth think and feel about violence, and enhance interpersonal and emotional skills such as communication and problem-solving, empathy, and conflict management.

What words are related to education?

Synonyms & Antonyms of education

  • instruction,
  • schooling,
  • teaching,
  • training,
  • tuition,
  • tutelage,
  • tutoring.

What are the words associated with school?


  • academe.
  • academic community.
  • academicians.
  • college.
  • savants.
  • school.

What are some examples of gender based violence?

Gender-based violence

  • Child marriage.
  • Female genital mutilation.
  • Honour killings.
  • Trafficking for sex or slavery.
  • Intimate partner violence.
  • Physical punishment.
  • Sexual, emotional or psychological violence.

How does school related gender based violence ( SRGBV ) affect children?

School-related gender-based violence (SRGBV) affects millions of children, families and communities. It involves acts or threats of sexual, physical or psychological violence occurring in and around schools, perpetrated because of gender norms and stereotypes, and enforced by unequal power dynamics.

Are there any schools free from gender based violence?

In March 2016, the group delivered a panel at the Comparative International Education Society (CIES), in Vancouver, Envisioning schools free from gender-based violence: Using evidence for action.

What are the causes of gender based violence?

Unequal gender norms and power relations are a key driver of this violence, manifesting itself as bullying and physical abuse, corporal punishment, sexual and verbal harassment, nonconsensual touching and other forms of sexual assault.

When is the time to act on gender based violence?

The time to act is now! Read our full call to action letter with Safe to Learn, UNGEI and other partners: