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How can I know my visa number in Saudi passport?

How can I know my visa number in Saudi passport?

Check Saudi visa status with the passport number Open Enter your Passport Number. Select your Nationality. Visa Type e.g if you want to check Yellow Slip Visa or permanent family visa online, you should select “Resident” as visa type.

How can I check my Saudi visa is genuine?

After entering the Application number, enter the Passport number, captcha code and click on the search bar to check if Saudi Visa is original or fake. In the next step to check if Saudi Visa is original or fake, you will see the picture of the visa holder there.

How can I check my visa details?

Check Visa Status With Passport Number

  1. Visit the official visa website of the country of visit.
  2. Find the option of tracking the visa application status.
  3. Enter the acknowledgement number or passport number and the date of birth.
  4. Following that, enter the captcha code and click ‘submit’.

What is visa number in KSA?

The Border number is a 10-digit number issued to each expatriate entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on a new visa. You can now check this number by visiting the Absher portal online.

How can I check my Saudi visa by MOFA number?

Step 1: Go to the MOFA website and scroll down to the “Enquiry” section. Step 2: In the box titled “searching for,” select “an application submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.” If your visa has already been issued, you can select “visa issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

How can I know my Absher visa number?

Enquire about Visa Validity

  1. Login to (Absher) Portal.
  2. Select (Residents) from the main menu.
  3. Select Visa services from the List of e-services.
  4. Enter the required information, including residence permit number, employer ID number, visual code, visa number and passport number.
  5. The system displays visa information.

What is visa Entitlement Verification Online?

​Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) allows visa holders, employers, education providers and other organisations to check visa details and conditions.

Where is visa number on passport?

The visa number, also known as the visa foil number, is the red number printed on the bottom right of the visa document. Usually, the number on a US visa contains eight numeric characters.

How can I get MOFA number for Saudi visa?

All visa applicants are required to complete the online application form on, once the form is submitted, a print copy of the form with the mofa number/ reference number needs to be submitted along with the necessary documents.

How can in check Visa status for Saudi Arabia?

Request your Saudi Arabia eVisa on this website

  • Carefully check that you have entered your email address correctly
  • Finalize your application by submitting your payment details
  • Make note of your reference number
  • Check your email after 3 business days (excluding weekends and national holidays)
  • Do Americans need a visa to visit Saudi?

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia requires all United States citizens to have a Saudi Arabia visa before traveling to the country. There are many options, including business visas, diplomatic visas, and religious pilgrimage visas.

    Who is required to apply for a Saudi eVisa?

    In September 2019, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia introduced the eVisa system to allow citizens of certain nationalities to apply online for a visa to enter Saudi Arabia. Travellers are required to fill in the form and make a payment online. The application is internally reviewed and processed.

    How long is my Saudi visa valid for?

    Your Saudi work visa will be valid for 90 days, at the end of this probation period the company employing you has to convert the visa into a residency permit or Iqama or if you fail your probation get you to leave the country.