How can I get Canada immigration from Pakistan?

How can I get Canada immigration from Pakistan?

These are all the ways you can immigrate to Canada from Pakistan….Some of those include:

  1. Parental Sponsorship.
  2. Spousal Sponsorship.
  3. Federal Skilled Worker.
  4. Provincial Nominee Program.
  5. Federal Immigrant Self-Employed Program.
  6. Quebec Immigrant Entrepreneur Program.
  7. Quebec Investor Program.
  8. Student Direct Stream.

When Canada visa will open in Pakistan?

Re-opening for VAC in Islamabad: 17th May 2021 The VAC will provide the following limited services until further notice. Permanent Resident Travel Document intake (via post/courier only).

How long does it take to get PR from Pakistan to Canada?

Permanent Residency in Canada from Pakistan The “Express Entry” online system for immigrating to Canada processes applications as quickly as six months.

Can I buy a house in Canada from Pakistan?

You can absolutely buy a house in Canada, regardless of your immigration status. There are no restrictions at all about foreigners investing in Canadian real estate.

Which country is easy to get PR for Pakistani?

1 – Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabian visa is by far the easiest visa to get for Pakistani nationals. Saudi Arabia is a religious country so they prefer Muslims and in addition they have very good relations and friendship with Pakistan.

How to apply for immigration to Canada from Pakistan?

So if you are looking forward to moving to Canada, you can apply through the following methods to get Canadian Immigration. You need to submit an application into a pool of foreign skilled professionals. There is a variety of fields and categories offered in which you can apply.

Which is the best immigration consultant in Pakistan?

Office No. 601, 6Th Floor Bin Hamooda Tower Near Al-Noor Hospital, Khalifa Street – Abu Dhabi . U.A.E. Office No: 3, First Floor, Empire Heights 1, Midway Commercial, Bahria Town Ph 7, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Office No: 11, First Floor, Silver City Plaza, G-11 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan.

How many Pakistanis come to Canada each year?

Each year, Canada accepts almost a million immigrants. A number of Pakistanis also immigrate to Canada under the skilled worker class, family sponsorship, provincial nominee and investors program for better financial opportunities.

How to apply for skilled worker immigration in Canada?

Once Canadian Immigration applicant plans to apply for skilled worker immigration through Express Entry Program he needs to take these first three steps , which includes the selection of NOC, Taking IELTS exam and getting the ECA. These steps help the candidates to achieve exact score for Express Entry Profile. What is NOC?