How big should Renpy background be?

How big should Renpy background be?

800×600 is the default choice for Ren’Py, but 640×480 is also popular. You’ll then want to use an image manipulation program (such as the GIMP or Photoshop) to resize background images to that size. You probably don’t want to ship any image larger than the screen resolution, except for special effects like pans.

How do I stop image Renpy?

The hide statement removes an image from a layer. It consists of the keyword hide , followed by an image name, followed by an optional property. The hide statement takes the image tag from the image name, and then hides any image on the layer with that tag. Hide statements are rarely necessary.

How do I hide a text box in Renpy?

You can press middle mouse to hide the dialog box with hotkeys.

What size should Renpy sprites be?

The sprite image itself should be 600 pixels tall. The width doesn’t matter. The character themself should be centered in the width, whatever it is, and should be as high as you want them to be in game. So, a really short character may be 300 pixels tall and have 300 pixels of empty space above them.

What kind of background does Ren’Py use?

Usually, visual novel backgrounds are relatively static pictures. However, Ren’py includes the capability to use an animated movie as a background instead.

What happens when you leave brackets empty in Ren’py?

If you leave the brackets empty, so: Then Ren’Py will show the picture until the player clicks the mouse or presses “Return”. The clears the display of what’s on it and optionally places a new background on the display:

Where can I find game assets tagged renpy?

Explore game assets tagged renpy on · Upload your game assets to to have them show up here. New is now on YouTube! inventory, shop, crafting, quests, and battle systems for ren’py!

How to change the number of seconds on renpy?

The line “$ renpy.pause (2.0)” will show the picture for two seconds. Change the number if you want to show it for a different time. If you leave the brackets empty, so: