How big is the Acoustic Research AR-3a speaker?

How big is the Acoustic Research AR-3a speaker?

The AR-3a is a three-way speaker and measures approximately 25” x 14” x 11½ ” inches and weigh about 46lbs each. It´s cabinet is made of real walnut veneer, grills are mostly cream colored. Each speaker has a 12 inch woofer, a dome midrange and a ¾ inch dome tweeter.

What kind of speakers did acoustic research use?

Acoustic Research was well known for the AR-3 series of speaker systems, which used the 12-inch (305 mm) acoustic suspension woofer of the AR-1 with newly designed dome mid-range speaker and high-frequency drivers, which were the first of their kind.

What kind of music does AR-3a sound like?

The sound of the AR-3a´s is very warm, but clear. Considering the fact that the speakers are nearly 50 years old, their bass is strong too. However, not rock or heavy bass music, but music with classical instruments or in general classical music lets these speakers shine.

Is the sound quality of ar-2ax speakers good?

The corrosion problems for the pots inside these AR-2ax speakers are not unique. Other have had similar experiences. If the original pots are still in your AR-2ax, then the sound quality has likely deteriorated. The sound of quality After repairs, I was not disappointed by the sound quality of the AR-2ax speakers.

What is it about the No.3 that makes it so magical?

“It’s my belief and my experience,” Mr. Jackson said after his third Three-peat in 2002, “that the third victory in the three successive years is always the most unique and the most difficult one to fight your way through.” Which, of course, makes it all the more tantalizing.

Which is the Best Acoustic Research speaker system?

A quote from the original Acoustic Research owner´s manual: The Ar-3a is the best home speaker system we know how to make. It has been designed to reproduce music as accurately as present day knowledge of acoustics and electronics permits.