How big is a wooden employee of the month plaque?

How big is a wooden employee of the month plaque?

Customized Recognition plaque 6×8, Personalized Gift for Co-Worker, Award for Women and Men. Customize Now! Custom Engraved Plaque. Thanks, Appreciation, Employee of the Month.

Who is w.w.wood Products, Inc.?

W. W. Wood Products, Inc. is a leading North American manufacturer of wood moldings, cabinet doors, and custom cabinetry for distinguished homes. Our products are specifically designed to maximize function and value, while still providing the customer with unmatched distinction and style.

How big is a wooden cup award trophy?

Cup Award Trophy. Free Engraving. 1×3 Custom Engraved Notch Corner Brass Plate w/2 mounting holes/screws. Picture Plaque Name Tag Trophy Flag Pet Aluminium Trophy Plate Plaques – 89 x 32 mm – 3 Colours to Choose – Superb Addition to your Gifts, Crafts, Decor, Name tags or More!

When is the Fair Work Commission timber industry award 2020?

Timber Industry Award 2020 This Fair Work Commission consolidated modern award incorporates all amendments up to and including 26 March 2021 (PR728080). Clause (s) affected by the most recent variation (s): Schedule X —Additional Measures During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Where can I find the modern awards documents?

Documents relating to plain language drafting and final stage proceedings AM2019/17 can be viewed on AM2016/15 – Plain language re-drafting page. The constitution of the Full Bench in this matter AM2016/5 following the resignation of Vice President Watson is being considered in AM2015/1 – Family & domestic violence clause.

How much does the timber industry pay per hour?

Timber Industry Award 2010 [MA000071] 5 Modern award classification Pre-modern award classification Base rate of pay (hourly) General timber stream Level 1 Timber industry, Group 1 $16.37 Level 2 Timber industry, Group 2 $16.85 Level 3 Timber industry, Group 3 $17.49 Level 4 Timber industry, Group 4 $18.09 Level 5 Timber industry, Group 5 $19.07