How big is a B-25 bomber?

How big is a B-25 bomber?

53 feet
Technical Specifications

First flight Aug. 19, 1940
Span 67 feet 6.7 inches
Wing area 610 square feet
Length 53 feet
Weight Empty, 20,305 pounds; normal gross weight, 27,051 pounds; useful load, 6,746 pounds

What was the bomb load of a B-25?

3,000 pounds
The B-25 had a range of 1,350 miles (2,175 km), a maximum speed of about 300 miles (480 km) per hour, and a ceiling of 24,000 feet (7,300 metres). It could carry 3,000 pounds (1,360 kg) of bombs internally in the bomb bay and more externally on underwing racks.

How much is a B-25 worth?

A working B-25 bomber with spare parts is going for $650,000 on aircraft sales site, while a flyable B-25 that requires assembly is being offered at $175,000.

How many B-25 bombers are left?

There are more than one hundred surviving North American B-25 Mitchells scattered over the world, mainly in the United States. Most of them are on static display in museums, but about 45 are still airworthy.

Why did the bombing of Tokyo require B 25s?

It demonstrated that the Japanese mainland was vulnerable to American air attacks, served as retaliation for the attack on Pearl Harbor, and provided an important boost to American morale. After bombing military or industrial targets in Japan, the B-25 crews were to continue westward to land in China.

How many B-29s were shot down?

Over the course of the war, B-29s flew 20,000 sorties and dropped 200,000 tonnes (180,000 tons) of bombs. B-29 gunners were credited with shooting down 27 enemy aircraft. In turn 78 B-29 were lost; 57 B-29 and reconnaissance variants were lost in action and 21 were non-combat losses.

Where can I see a b24 bomber?

Surviving aircraft

Serial Geographic location Institutional location
44-44175 Tucson, Arizona, United States Pima Air and Space Museum
44-44213 Delhi, India Indian Air Force Museum
44-44272 Polk City, Florida, United States Fantasy of Flight
44-48781 Bossier City, Louisiana, United States Barksdale Global Power Museum

What was the name of Jimmy Doolittle’s plane?

The first bomber to hit Japan after Pearl Harbor, the B-25 Mitchell was found in every theater of the war and was a rugged, multipurpose bomber beloved by her aircrew for its survivability and ease to fly.