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Electronic Dartboard vs Bristle Dart Board – Arachnid vs Winmau Review

Electronic Dartboard vs Bristle Dart Board – Arachnid vs Winmau Review

The tools you need in order to play a game of darts are pretty simple–you need a dartboard and some darts. However, the choices you make as you select a dartboard are actually pretty important, and they can have a great impact on the quality of the game. The question that most people are confronted with as they start to play darts is, should they get an electronic dartboard or a bristle dartboard?

There are a lot of factors to consider, including the color of the board, its capacity, where it’s meant to be used (bar or household), and of course price, because it’s smart to shop with a set budget in mind. If you’re part of a family and are mainly buying the game to play with young kids, this will factor in heavily as well. Here is the difference and why you might choose one type of board over the other.

Electronic Dartboards

These dartboards from are very colorful and modern and are usually comprised of nylon and plastic. The biggest advantage to them is they automatically record the score. This makes it a lot easier to keep track if you’re new to the game and if you’re playing with a large group. You’ll need soft tip darts to play, but these darts are much safer for children as they’re plastic as well.

This is a great board if you’re developing your throwing skills and learning how the scoring works, so you’re not an expert quite yet. You can experiment and hone your throws. Electronic dartboards are a cheaper investment that can help you improve your game, and it’s the best choice for families and beginners.

Bristle Dartboards

These existed long before electronic dartboards came into play. Most professionals and people who are advanced dart players prefer this type of dartboard, and it’s much better adapted to real, professional games. This type is used in those professional tournaments you see on TV. It also has a much longer life span and doesn’t break as easily as electronic boards, so if you’d like a great investment and ensure your money is well spent, this is the board for you. It’s also a great option if you’ve honed your skills and understand how to calculate the score correctly. If you’re playing a quality game with some friends and with a smaller party, bristle dartboards are a great bet.

With bristle dartboards, you’ll need to use darts that have steel tips. These two were developed at the same time, and just as plastic tips and electronic boards go together, steel tips and bristle boards go together. The only downside to this is it is not a great option if you live in a household where there are children or pets around, or if you and your friends don’t have excellent aim yet. It’s very easy to get injured by steel tip darts–which is why the bristle boards are reserved for the professionals.

Whichever you end up choosing, you’re sure to end up with a great board. Just keep your situation and your intentions in mind as you browse boards to find the best one for you.