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Does Tomb Raider have multiple endings?

Does Tomb Raider have multiple endings?

One is the official ending, which plays when you beat the game, wait through the credits, and watch the cutscene that plays afterwards. The second “unofficial” ending is played by doing the exact same thing but by not having the Day 1 patch installed on your game.

What happened in the end of Shadow of the Tomb Raider?

Lara kills Dominguez by plunging the Key of Chak Chel into his chest, putting an end to his plan to remake the world and avenging her father by killing the man who ordered his assassination. Crimson Fire stabs down with the dagger, which stops just above Lara’s chest and draws the light of Kukulkan from her body.

Who is the traitor in Tomb Raider?

As you enter the temple, Poma appears and confesses to Lara that Colqui was actually the traitor and has bribed Poma to change sides as well. Then Colqui himself, dressed in Jaguar Warrior regalia, approaches Poma and cuts him down. “Kukulkan hates outsiders and traitors,” he explains. Now Lara must Survive the Ambush.

Will Tomb Raider continue after shadow?

Yes, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is indeed the last game in the reboot series, but there is likely more to come in Lara’s globetrotting adventures.

Is Lara Croft a villain?

Now, the third entry to the series “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” puts Lara Croft in the most unlikeliest of roles — villain. While racing Trinity to a relic in Mexico, the hero may have unintentionally started the apocalypse by grabbing a Mayan dagger.

Can you skip credits Shadow of the Tomb Raider?

It turns out that yes, you can skip cutscenes in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. To do so on PS4, all you need to do is press and hold down the touchpad.

Is Lara Croft Ix Chel?

Lara takes the responsibility and earns the Ix Chel Mask.

Who killed Lord Croft?

Ana, who was secretly a Trinity spy, was given the order to kill Croft, however she couldn’t bring herself to kill him. Another agent was selected, and killed Croft, staging his death to look like a suicide. His body was found by a young Lara.

Where is Poma Tomb Raider?

After liberating all 4 rebels, the mission objective is updated: Return to Poma. His location, back in SKULL CAVE, is marked on your map with a green icon. You can either go there on foot or use any base camp to fast travel to the SKULL CAVE Base Camp.

Is there a new Lara Croft game?

New Tomb Raider game will continue the series’ “cinematic style” according to job listing. Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics appears to be gearing up for the next installment of the series according to a new job listing.

Is there going to be a Tomb Raider sequel?

The lackluster performance of 2003’s Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life looked like the end of the franchise — but then Square Enix’s 2013 video game reboot happened. With Tomb Raider, and the 2015 sequel Rise of the Tomb Raider, new life was injected into the beloved property.

Why did Lara Croft appear in Tomb Raider?

In the 2013 game and its sequel, Croft appears to Lara in cutscenes, which provide a narrative component to the game, filling in the blanks regarding Lara’s backstory while also pushing the plot forward. His appearance in the 2018 Tomb Raider film achieves the same thing, while also acting as a catalyst that completes Lara’s hero transformation.

What was the story of Tomb Raider movie?

For one, Square Enix had major input on the movie — with many of the plot points mirroring the video game reboot’s story. The Roar Uthaug-directed film also works as an origin story for Lara Croft, showing audiences who she was before battling island foes and raiding ominous crypts.

What happens at the halfway point of Tomb Raider?

At Tomb Raider ‘s halfway point, Lara is attacked by one of Vogel’s goons, and the fight that ensues results in Lara’s first kill. The emotional weight of this act is an important turning point in Lara’s journey, and she’s met with a similar challenge during the movie’s climax.