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Does the Thrustmaster Ferrari wheel work on Xbox 360?

Does the Thrustmaster Ferrari wheel work on Xbox 360?

The super-stable, practical V-shaped clamping system can be attached to any table or desk. The Xbox 360 USB 2.0 Full Speed cable with InLine Quick Release connector (3 meter length), makes for a totally safe connection. The Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia Racing Wheel is both Xbox360 and PC compatible.

Is the Thrustmaster 458 Xbox 360 compatible with Xbox One?

The Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel is a gaming wheel for use with the Xbox One. It’s officially licensed by Ferrari and Microsoft Xbox One, and is a 7/10 replica of the Ferrari 458 Spider racing wheel. The wheel is equipped with two red rubber-textured grips and metal paddle shifters.

What racing wheels are compatible with Xbox 360?

Top Xbox 360 Game Racing Wheels

  • VEVOR G920 Racing Steering Wheel Stand Shifter Mount fit.
  • DOYO 270 Degree Motor Vibration Driving Gaming Racing Wheel.
  • Thrustmaster Racing Clamp.
  • PC Racing Wheel with Pedals.
  • Game Racing Steering Wheel, 270/900 Degree PC Gaming Wheel.

Can you use an Xbox one wheel on Xbox 360?

Microsoft has updated the Xbox One backward compatible versions of three Codemasters racing games for the Xbox 360. This is great news for hardcore racing fans who prefer to use a wheel controller to a standard Xbox One controller. …

Can you use a Xbox One steering wheel on Xbox 360?

It’s not possible, no. Xbox One doesn’t support 360 peripherals. Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Can you use an Xbox One wheel on Xbox 360?

Does the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 have force feedback?

The inarguable disadvantage of the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia Xbox 360/PC racing wheel set is the lack of force feedback. On the other hand, for a tyro, its lack, but the presence of all the function buttons needed, along with the ‘Bungee Cord’, is more than sufficient.

What games is the Ferrari 458 Spider racing wheel?

Assetto Corsa, Bus Simulator, and DiRT Rally are all compatible. Nascar Hear, Super Street, Project Cars, and WRC are also compatible with the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider racing wheel. Most recent modern games are compatible, while some of the older ones might not be.

Does Xbox steering wheel work for Xbox 360?

Despite its Xbox branding, this is one of few wheels to work with both PS3 and Xbox 360 as well as PC, and I racked up many happy hours using it with the likes of Gran Turismo 6 and the first Forza Horizon. So I resigned myself to playing my racing games on PC – or using a controller.