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Does the Saturday paper have an app?

Does the Saturday paper have an app?

The Saturday Paper has developed a new app for iPhone, iPad and Android users to improve your reading experience across mobile and tablet devices.

Who owns Schwartz media?

Schwartz Publishing is an Australian publishing house, digital media and news media organisation based in Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria established by Australian property developer Morry Schwartz in the 1980s. Since the late 1990s many of its publications have appeared under the Black Inc imprint.

Who prints the Saturday paper?

Publication. The Saturday Paper is published by Morry Schwartz via Schwartz Media, which also publishes books via Black Inc, the magazine The Monthly and the Quarterly Essay.

Who owns the monthly?

The Monthly is an Australian national magazine of politics, society and the arts, which is published eleven times per year on a monthly basis except the December/January issue. Founded in 2005, it is published by Melbourne property developer Morry Schwartz.

Who runs the Saturday paper?

The Saturday Paper

Front page of The Saturday Paper, Issue #337, February 20, 2021
Type Weekly newspaper
Owner(s) Schwartz Publishing
Editor Erik Jensen
Founded 1 March 2014

Who runs the monthly?

Is Schwartz Media Independent?

He loves the type, the paper, the layout and the words. He can’t keep his hands off them. Schwartz, whose fortune has been made in property development, is the owner of the eponymously named Black Inc., a Melbourne-based liberal independent publisher already significant in Australian intellectual life.

Is the Saturday paper Australian?

The Saturday Paper is an Australian weekly newspaper, first published on 1 March 2014. Since its launch The Saturday Paper has maintained a focus on long-form journalism and in-depth coverage of current affairs, arts and Australian politics.

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Who is the Saturday paper owned by?

Is the Saturday Paper available on Apple News?

Apple News is an application available on all Apple iPhones, iPads and macOS computers running at least iOS 9. It’s a default application and should already be installed on your device. It offers a simple and fast way to read content from various publications, including The Saturday Paper .

How often does the Saturday Paper come out?

The Saturday Paper is a weekly newspaper, published 48 times a year by Schwartz Media. For subscription enquiries call 1800 077 514 or email [email protected] . For editorial enquiries email [email protected] .

Which is the Daily News podcast from Schwartz Media?

7am is a daily news podcast from Schwartz Media. Every day it tells you what you need to know: who’s involved, what it means and why it matters. It’s news with narrative, every weekday.