Does Portal 2 have a level creator?

Does Portal 2 have a level creator?

Level creation tools are nothing new in video games. The latest installment in this long line of level editing tools is Valve Software’s test chamber creator in Portal 2. The tool, which is the main feature of the Perpetual Testing Initiative update, is a user-friendly level creator specifically for Portal 2.

Can you make your own levels in Portal?

With Portal 2 Puzzle Maker, teachers and students can create levels just like they see in the game. To access the Puzzle Maker, users should install Portal 2 and in the main menu select “Community Test Chambers.” From there, select “Create Test Chambers” to start building custom puzzles.

Is Portal 2 educational?

The “Steam for Schools” program is Valve’s newest foray into the world of “edutainment” and its Teach with Portals site details the program’s goals. Ideally, Portal 2 will help teach students about physics, math, spatial reasoning, and problem solving.

How do you make a chamber in Portal 2?

To begin creating your puzzle navigate to the main menu of Portal 2 and choose “Community Test Chambers”. You can then click on “Create Test Chambers” to begin. If you would like to create a cooperative puzzle you can do so by going to “File” within the puzzle builder and checking the box.

When did the puzzle maker come out for Portal 2?

The Puzzle Creator (also known as Puzzle Maker or Editor) is a part of the Perpetual Testing Initiative in Portal 2, a DLC released on May 8th, 2012 allowing the creation of single-player and Co-op test chambers within a simple in-game editor.

How to create a co-operative puzzle in Portal 2?

In order to create a Co-operative puzzle, the chamber must be marked as a “Co-operative puzzle” in the “File” menu of the Puzzle Creator. The editor was first mentioned within The Final Hours of Portal 2, ” [An in-game level browser won’t be of much use unless] Valve figures out how to make designing Portal 2 maps an easier process.

Where are the mandatory items in Portal 2?

These are the mandatory items are placed in the chamber, and can only be moved. These items are exclusively featured in the Portal 2 – Educational Version . Click a chamber surface tile to select it.

How do you make a portal in puzzle creator?

Click a chamber surface tile to select it. Click and drag across several surfaces to block-select. Right click selections to change surface portalability. Drag the boundary edge of a selection to move the highlighted surfaces. Press and drag the background to rotate your camera view.