Do Druids get attack power from agility?

Do Druids get attack power from agility?

For Druids, Agility is quite an important stat, it strengthens your character in some ways, for DPS, most notably, it increases your chance to land a critical strike. Agility increases the chance of a critical hit with melee and ranged attacks. The amount of the increase is dependent on both class and level.

Does attack power help Druids?

Druids (cat): Because agility only benefits attack power for cat druids, you might consider strength as an alternative, since it provides attack power in both cat and bear form. However, it doesn’t provide the critical rating, armor, or dodge.

Is attack power better than agility Hunter?

With no buffs and by yourself, 1 Agility is worth ~2.5 Attack Power. If you have a full set of raid buffs and world buffs, 1 Agility is worth ~3 Attack Power. Agility will be your main source of Attack Power and is the best stat to maximize outside of hit and critical strike.

Do feral druids need attack power?

Strength is a strong attribute for feral druids since it provides 2 Attack Power (AP) per point, compared to only 1 AP for several other classes. In addition, the Heart of the Wild talent provides a 10% increase to the total AP of a feral druid in cat form, which further amplifies the value of Strength.

Is strength good for feral druids?

Strength is much more important for feral. Strength adds to your base attack power wheras agility as to your crit rate. I am a feral druid while Strength is good in feral form a good agility and Stamina will go along way as well . It will help get crits every, increase dodge and armor class , and with stamina ..

Is attack power better than strength?

Strength. Strength increases the amount of your melee attack power, and how much damage you can block with a Shield. Druids, Paladins, Shaman and Warriors gain 2 melee Attack Power per point of Strength. Hunters, Mages, Priests, Rogues and Warlocks gain 1 melee Attack Power per point of strength.

Does attack power work in cat form?

+attack power is a base stat, similar to str, agi, stam, crit, etc, all which count in cat form. The only things that don’t apply to forms are: chance on hit enchants / weapons (i.e. crusader, lifestealing, firey, icy, etc), weapon speed and weapon damage (which are normalized for both cat and bear).

Is attack power better than agility rogue?

Ap will obviously give slightly more damage, while agility will give you damage and a bit of survivability. Neither one is better than the other for all situations.

Can hunters use attack power?

Although characters of every class will have a listed amount of ranged attack power, the statistic is wholly meaningless to all except Hunters, Rogues and Warriors, as these are the only classes that can use ranged weapons.

What does agility do for Guardian Druids?

Agility is Guardian’s primary stat. Agility increases your Attack Power, grants a small amount of dodge, and increases your Armor when Ironfur is active.

What do you get when you become a druid in Wow?

Druids get 2 majors buffs while leveling. First at level 10, Druids unlock Bear Form via a quest. Bear form allows the Druid to gain sustainability while killing enemies faster. At level 20, druids get Cat Form, also through a quest, giving them access to the Improved Cat Form talent: the ability to run 30% faster when outdoors.

What should my Feral Druid hit rating be?

Feral Druids will want to reach the 9% hit rating just like any other melee class. Unfortunately, they don’t benefit from weapon skill so you won’t be able to reduce the hit cap beyond 9%. After you’ve got your hit, you’ll want Agility to be your primary focus as it increases your Attack Power as well as your chance to land a critical strike.

Which is better 160 agility or 160 attack power?

Terribad math is terribad. 320 AP is 22.8 DPS, not 32 (14 AP = 1 DPS, not 10). 160 agility would grant 1.92% crit, not 1.6 (83.33 agi = 1% crit). Look stuff up before posting please. Crit is never wasted as a Hunter.

What are the advantages of being a druid?

Combined with the stealth of the cat form, those abilities give the druid advantages that no other classes match. During the leveling phase, Druids are able to perform well as tank, heal or DPS.