Can you use a fireplace with a TV mounted above it?

Can you use a fireplace with a TV mounted above it?

The short answer is – yes. However, to ensure your television isn’t damaged from the heat, care must be taken to ensure heat generated by the fireplace is redirected away from television. There are many styles and options for fireplaces that will look great with your television.

Why do people mount TVS above fireplaces?

Hanging a flat-screen above a mantel or on a brick fireplace’s face results in a dual-purpose entertainment center that becomes a room’s visual centerpiece. The TV-hearth partnership frees up valuable floor space, allows you to focus furniture arrangements toward a single wall.

How do I protect my TV above a gas fireplace?

The good news is that if you must keep your television above your fireplace, there are steps you can take to protect it.

  1. Install a Mantle or Projection Above Your Existing Fireplace.
  2. Close Your Fireplace Doors.
  3. Convert to a Gas Powered Fireplace.
  4. Use an Electric Fireplace.
  5. Consult a Professional Contractor.

How high should you mount a TV above a fireplace?

Above Fireplace Mounting The rule of thumb is, if your mantel is less than four feet from the floor, you should mount your TV about 12 inches above it. This rule applies to a fireplace without a mantel as well.

How do you hide TV over fireplace?

To hide a TV that’s over your fireplace, you can either place it in a cabinet, behind barn doors, or hang a pull-down picture in front of it. You can also hide it with a mirror, antique screen, or sliding artwork. Other ways to hide your TV include placing it in a shutter or painting the wall black.

What is behind the wall above my fireplace?

If you live in a newer home the walls above the fireplace are likely to be drywall over standard wood studs or furring strips. Studs are usually made of 2×4’s while furring strips are only an inch wide. You can install any TV mount as you normally would on any wall.

How far above a gas fireplace should a TV be mounted?

How do you put a TV above a fireplace?

Attach the front plate of your television mount to the back of your TV. Use the screws enclosed with the mount to screw the front plate into position so it securely holds your TV. Connect all of the cables between your television and the devices you plug them into when you mount a TV above a fireplace.

Should you mount a TV over the fireplace?

When you need to maximize your small living room and pack in as many functions as possible, you may want to mount the TV over the fireplace. Placing the TV in this area frees up wall space for other elements such as bookcases, furniture, or wall art.

Can I mount my TV over my fireplace?

Mounting your TV above a fireplace. You can mount your TV over the fireplace, but you may not want to, unless you never use the fireplace. Your primary concern will be the heat: Samsung TVs should never exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit .

Can You mount a TV above a wood burning fireplace?

While you can mount a TV above a fireplace, you should try to place the TV in another location, if possible , due to viewing and safety limitations. The issues with mounting the TV above a fireplace center more around the quality of the viewing experience and with user comfort than with damage to the electronics.