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Can you still get PPI?

Can you still get PPI?

Can I still claim PPI? Yes. The deadline for PPI claims was 29 August 2019, but this does not apply to FSCS. This is because the deadline applies to claims against companies that are still trading, while FSCS compensates when financial firms have failed.

Can the Official Receiver take my PPI?

If you took out a PPI policy before you went bankrupt, you’re highly unlikely to be able to make a claim or to keep any money that comes out of a claim. The official receiver or trustee still owns the right to claim and any money that results from a claim, unless they’ve agreed to transfer the right back to you.

Can I still claim PPI in 2021?

Technically you can still submit a PPI reclaim… but you’ll have to go to court. If you’re determined to make a PPI complaint after the deadline, you still can via a small claims court.

What percentage of PPI do Gladstone Brookes take?

Our fulfilment partner’s fees are 30% + VAT a total of 36% of the gross amount of rebate received on your behalf. If you are successful but the rebate is used towards any arrears you may owe then you will need to pay the fees from your own funds.

Where can I make a PPI claim in Scotland?

Payment Protection Scotland makes PPI claims for clients throughout the whole of Scotland, find out more about our PPI reclaim Scottish areas. The company has offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee and Bellshill. Make a PPI Claim in Scotland Today!

Who is Payment Protection Scotland and what do they do?

Payment Protection Scotland is Scotland’s experienced Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) financial claims management company. Payment Protection Scotland specialise in reclaiming mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) for our customers throughout Scotland. We will work in partnership with you to reclaim your payment protection insurance.

Is there a no win no fee for PPI?

No Win No Fee – charges may apply if you cancel after the 14 day cooling off period, see website at for full Terms of Engagement. Fees are 24% (VAT Inclusive) for all contracts entered into after 1st April 2019.