Can you search through Reddit messages?

Can you search through Reddit messages?

If you want to search across all of Reddit—whether you’re looking for a subreddit or a post—you can use the search bar. If you’re using the new Reddit design, it’s at the very top in the middle. Type what you want to see in here and press Enter to search.

How do you find conversations on Reddit?

At the top of the specific sub reddit you are visiting, you will see a new button dedicated to Start Chatting. On mobile, you’ll see it in the box at the top of your screen and on desktop it will be to the top right of the community page, next to the “Join Community” button.

How do you view private messages on Reddit?

How do I view previously sent/received private messages in the app? You can’t view sent messages, all messages you’ve received are just lumped in the messages section.

How do I find a specific thread on Reddit?

Locate the search box in the top right corner. Type your search keyword. Hit Enter. Click on the link that says: “Show results from [subreddit name].” This will narrow down the search to show only the content posted on your current subreddit.

Does Reddit have search history?

Reddit’s browsing history feature works pretty much as you’d expect. It’s similar to the browsing history on web browsers, except for the fact that instead of websites, they’re all just Reddit posts. You can see the posts you’ve gone through as long as you’re signed into the app with your Reddit account.

Why can’t I search in a subreddit?

Some of the reasons why Reddit search might not work are but not limited to: Search Filter is enabled: Reddit has by default a filter which filters out all the mature content from the results. Less customization: Reddit’s search is less customizable and you are usually returned with limited results.

How do you start a direct chat on Reddit?

To use Start Chatting, you’ll have to be logged into Reddit first (duh). Then, go to a Subreddit and click on the ‘Start Chatting’ button at the top right of the Subreddit’s page, next to the ‘Join Community’ button.

How can I read my Facebook messages without being seen on Reddit?

If you want to read a message on your messenger service without it sending a read notification. Turn your device onto airplane mode and then read it. This allows you to read it and does not notify the sender.

Are Reddit messages public?

Reddit’s privacy policy explains how they share these messages (tl;dr: they don’t unless they’re required to by law). Checking if your message contains a keyword like mega.co.nz , and discarding the message if so, doesn’t mean anybody at Reddit is snooping into your message history or selling it to advertisers.

How do you find similar Subreddits?

How to Find Subreddits Related to Your Niche

  1. Subreddit Search. Reddit has a subreddit search feature at reddit.com/subreddits.
  2. Reddit Content Search.
  3. Metareddit Search.

Can you be tracked on Reddit?

Information We Collect Automatically Reddit will delete any IP addresses collected after 100 days; Location information, we may collect your location by using GPS or Bluetooth, or by associating your content with a location, or we may derive your approximate location from your IP address.

How to find Reddit user?

1) Navigate to Reddit.com using any internet browser, or the Reddit app. 2) Using the search bar at the top of the homepage, type in the exact username of who you’re looking for, and search. 3) On the results page, look for the “Communities” or “Communities and Users” heading. 4) Click on that name to be brought to their profile.

How do you search for comments on Reddit?

Search through comments of a particular reddit user. Just enter the username and a search query, and press Search!

How to find deleted Reddit posts?

[Solution] How to Read Deleted Reddit Posts Open Reddit official website and login to your account. Once you are logged in then go to the user profile whose deleted Reddit posts you want to read. Copy the link of that user from your web browser. After copying the link, change the link from reddit.com to removeddit.com The page will load and you will get all the deleted posts of that user. See More….