Can you have an MRI with a pain pump?

Can you have an MRI with a pain pump?

The Medtronic SynchroMed™ II pump is designed to be safe under certain conditions for patients who may require an MRI scan. The pump is also compatible with many other diagnostic tests.

Are baclofen pumps MRI safe?

Implanting the SynchroMed II infusion pump under the appropriate conditions will not restrict patients from receiving a full-body MRI scan. The SynchroMed II infusion system allows safe full-body access to 1.5 and 3.0-Tesla MRI. The pump is designed to resume programmed therapy after the scan.

How much does a Medtronic pain pump weigh?

The 40 mL pump is 30 g heavier when it is full and has a total weight of 215 g (7.56 oz).

What is a Medtronic pain pump?

Chronic Pain. The SynchroMed® II drug pump is a small, programmable, battery-powered medical device that stores and delivers medication directly to the intrathecal space, where fluid flows around the spinal cord.

Are all aneurysm coils MRI safe?

By comparison aneurysm clips classified as non-ferromagnetic (eg. Titanium alloy) have been tested and shown to be safe for patients undergoing MR procedures at 1.5T or lower. All aneurysm clips must be checked and documented for MRI compatibility.

Can a baclofen pump be removed?

ITB programming is very flexible, allows more precise dosing of baclofen, and gives the ability to deliver different doses at different times of the day. Compared to other surgical treatments, ITB is reversible, as the pump can be stopped and removed if needed.

What medications are used in a pain pump?

What medicine goes in the pump?

  • Opioids – Morphine and Hydromorphone (Dilaudid) are often used.
  • Local anesthetics (i.e. Bupivacaine) – This medicine blocks pain signals in the spinal cord.
  • Clonidine – This medicine can also lower blood pressure and also relieves pain.

How long does a Medtronic pain pump last?

How often will the pump need to be refilled? The medication in your pump needs to be refilled every 6 weeks to 6 months. The frequency of refills depends on the drug concentration and the amount of pain medication you receive every day. A higher dosage requires more frequent filling.

Is a pain pump worth it?

Nope, these devices which inject chemicals directly into the spinal canal from a surgically implanted pump are fraught with enough complications that even a minor amount of benefit may not be worthwhile for anyone, friend or foe.

How to tell if you have a Medtronic pain pump?

When your doctor recommends an MRI, you will need to: Tell the doctor (e.g. orthopedist, oncologist) who ordered your MRI that you have an implanted Medtronic pump. Tell your pain specialist that you will be receiving an MRI.

Is the Medtronic synchromed II MRI pump safe?

One day you may need a diagnostic scan or test to diagnose the cause of a common condition. The good news is that the Medtronic SynchroMed™ II pump was designed to be safe under certain conditions for patients who may require an MRI scan. * The pump is also compatible with many other diagnostic tests.

How is a pump used in an MRI?

Pump is designed to stop programmed therapy during an MRI scan. Pump is designed to resume programmed therapy after an MRI scan † By avoiding the need for the reservoir to be emptied prior to MRI, drug remains in the reservoir, minimizing drug waste, and reducing procedural steps.

When does the MRI stop the drug pump?

It is important to know that the magnetic field of the MRI scanner will temporarily stop your pump motor and stop drug infusion until the MRI exposure is complete. Your pump should then resume its normal operation.