Can you get contacts for keratoconus?

Can you get contacts for keratoconus?

Rigid contact lenses (RGPs) are the most common contact lenses prescribed for keratoconus to provide optimal visual acuity. They offer the best long term, non surgical solution for most patients with moderate to advanced keratoconus.

Can you wear soft contacts with keratoconus?

Many people still prefer soft contact lenses, due mostly to the fact that they are more comfortable initially. However, for keratoconus or other conditions characterized by irregularly shaped corneas, soft lenses will mold to the same irregular shape as the cornea, rendering them unsuitable for treatment.

How much do keratoconus contact lenses cost?

On average these lenses can cost between $75-325 per lens (2 lenses/annual supply). Corneal Transplant Surgery – A corneal transplant may be the only treatment option available if the cornea becomes dangerously thin and/or vision can no longer be corrected with contact lenses.

Do contact lenses stop keratoconus?

Visual correction of keratoconus can be achieved with any of several types of contact lenses, such as rigid gas-permeable (RGP), soft, hybrid, piggyback, or scleral[3]–[4]. However, RGP contact lenses are the most common and successful treatment options especially in early to moderate keratoconus[5].

Do contact lenses make keratoconus worse?

Contact lenses that are not correctly fitted is another reason that Keratoconus gets worse. If the lenses are not accurately fitted on someone with Keratoconus, the lenses can rub against the diseased part of the cornea. The excessive rubbing causes symptoms to worsen by aggravating the already thin cornea.

Can keratoconus make you blind?

Keratoconus is a condition where the cornea becomes thin and stretched near its center, causing it to bulge forward into a conical shape. As a result vision becomes distorted. Keratoconus does not cause total blindness, however, without treatment it can lead to significant vision impairment.

Can contact lenses worsen keratoconus?

Can a clearkone contact lens help with keratoconus?

ClearKone is specifically designed to restore vision to patients with the many types and stages of keratoconus. ClearKone is a FDA-cleared hybrid contact lens specifically designed for the treatment of keratoconus and other corneal irregularities.

What’s the difference between GP and clearkone lenses?

“Hard” (GP) lenses provided good vision, but were often irritating and uncomfortable. Soft lenses offered good comfort, but couldn’t correct your vision problems. ClearKone was a technological breakthrough that made having to compromise a thing of the past.

Why do clearkone lenses have a soft skirt?

The soft skirt of the ClearKone design is made from materials similar to soft lenses making the lens especially comfortable. The soft skirt design of ClearKone also prevents dirt from getting under the lens and will not pop out unexpectedly.