Can you become a Navy pilot through OCS?

Can you become a Navy pilot through OCS?

Training & Advancement Those entering aviation programs must first attend Officer Candidate School (OCS) in Newport, RI, and then complete a six-week air indoctrination course at Naval Aviation Schools Command, in Pensacola, FL. From there, prospective Fighter Pilots attend primary flight training.

How do you become a flight officer in the Navy?

A four-year degree is required to work as a NFO. Candidates seeking an Officer position in this community must have a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution in a technical field. All candidates must also be U.S. citizens, willing to serve worldwide and qualified for sea duty.

How much do naval flight officers make?

The average salary for a Naval Flight Officer is $85,103 per year in United States, which is 11% lower than the average US Navy salary of $96,676 per year for this job.

Are all Navy pilots officers?

All pilots are officers. To become an officer in the Navy, you are required to have a college education. Typically pilots are bachelors of science in any of the STEM field.

What degree do you need to be a naval flight officer?

Typically pilots are bachelors of science in any of the STEM field. However, that is not a full requirement. You will need at least a bachelor’s degree, earned at a civilian college or university or from the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md.

Are naval flight officers pilots?

A naval flight officer (NFO) is a commissioned officer in the United States Navy or United States Marine Corps who specializes in airborne weapons and sensor systems. NFOs are not pilots (naval aviators), but they may perform many “co-pilot” functions, depending on the type of aircraft.

Do naval flight officers fly?

NFOs fly in Navy and Marine Corps aircraft alongside naval aviators. Unlike aviators, NFOs don’t pilot aircraft, but are instead responsible for operating the on board systems. To receive their wings of gold and the distinction of NFO, service members become commissioned officers and complete flight training.

What is the difference between naval flight officer and pilot?

(Pilot & Naval Flight Officer) One program is PILOT, the other program is NAVAL FLIGHT OFFICER (NFO). The difference in the programs is based on the duties responsible inside of the aircraft. Pilots will focus most of their time and training into learning to pilot the aircraft.

How often do Navy pilots fly?

Staff aviators 33,275 39,126 36,397 35,248 %udgeted hours do not include flight hours for Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Generally, aviators are assigned to fleet squadrons for 2 to 3 years and deploy once or twice, for about 6 months, aboard ships or at overseas bases.

What are the requirements for naval aviation OCS?

Active duty military members accepted as candidates must obtain an aviation physical exam from a qualified flight surgeon to determine aeronautical adaptability. Candidates must meet the physical fitness weight and/or percentage of body fat standards at the time of application and at time of commissioning.

How much money does a naval aviation officer make?

Naval aviation officers receive aviation career incentive pay in addition to their regular salary. Student aviation officers receive $125 per month flight pay during flight training.

What kind of officer is a Naval Flight Officer?

Naval Flight Officers (NFOs) are members of the select, highly skilled Naval Aviation team. NFOs may be radar intercept officers, tactical coordinators or airborne electronic warfare specialists.

Where is the Navy Officer Candidate School located?

Program Overview Navy Officer Candidate School (OCS) is one of four officer training schools located at Naval Station Newport in Rhode Island. This 13 week course is designed to provide a working knowledge of the Navy (both afloat and ashore) in order to prepare you for a commission in the world’s greatest navy.