Can we water Tulsi on Ekadashi Iskcon?

Can we water Tulsi on Ekadashi Iskcon?

Tulsi or holy Basil is a sacred plant according to Hindu belief. Every Sunday, during Ekadashi and lunar eclipse, water should not be offered to Tulsi.

When should we not pluck Tulsi leaves Iskcon?

“It is generally forbidden to pluck Tulasi on Sankranti, Purnima, Amavasya, Dvadashi, Sunday, according to the strict rules of the Smritis, but the most important rule according to Shrila Sanatana Goswami which the Vaishnava devotees should certainly follow is to not pluck Tulasi leaves on Dvadashi.

How can I please Tulsi Maharani?

#1. Offer incense to Tulsi Maharani:

  1. Sprinkle the achamana water on the incense stick and bell to purify it.
  2. After lighting the incense stick worship Tulsi Devi as follows.
  3. Offer the incense to Tulsi Devi by slowly moving it around the entire body of Tulsi devi seven times in clockwise direction.

Can we chew tulsi leaves Iskcon?

But that’s not all, there is a scientific side to this too which suggests that it is best to swallow Tulsi leaves. One reason is that Tulsi leaves contain a high amount of mercury and iron, which are released on chewing them. But it is still advised to avoid chewing raw Tulsi leaves.

Can we remove Tulsi mala?

1) Should Tulsi mala be removed while going to washroom, to bath, to funeral? Karmic Coach : NO NEED, IF YOU ARE WEARING AN OFFERED (BHOG) TULSI MALA THEN IT WILL BE PURE FOREVER.

Can we keep Shaligram in Tulsi plant?

It is said to keep Tulsi in every house and worshiping it daily with a Shaligram (a stone) near its root is considered auspicious. So let’s know the advantages of keeping Shaligram at home.

Can ladies pluck Tulsi leaves?

There is generation of heat energy in the dormant and serene sattvik frequencies present in the tulsi plant by the touch of women which leads to decrease in its sattvikta (sattva quality). Hence they are prohibited from gathering or plucking the tulsi leaves.

Can we chew Tulsi leaves Iskcon?

What do you say when watering Tulsi?

While offering water to Tulsi ji, you should chant the ‘ॐ-ॐ’ mantra 11 or 21 times. if you offer water to Tulsi every morning in the morning, then you must chant this mantra, this brings happiness, prosperity and happiness in the home.

How can we worship Tulsi at home?

Light an oil lamp. Offer water the Tulsi plant while holding the Kalash with both the hands. Then offer kumkuma and haldi followed by flowers and incense. Circumambulate while chanting the following shloka.

Who is Tulasi Maharani?

According to Hindu scripture, the Tulsi plant was a woman named “Vrinda” (Brinda; a synonym of Tulsi). She was married to the Asura king Jalandhar, who due to her piety and devotion to Vishnu, became invincible. Seeing this she realized it was not her husband but Lord Vishnu.

Where is the ISKCON temple in Vrindavan located?

Located in the Raman Reti area of Vrindavan, ISKCON temple has become the major attraction in the city and is thronged by devotees from nearby Delhi and all over the world. People visiting the divine temple are spellbound by the Aarti and Bhagavad Geeta classes held here every day.

Which is the desire of Tulasi Aarti ISKCON?

Bestowing your mercy on him, you make him a resident of Vrindavana. (3) My desire is that you will also give me a residence in the pleasure groves of Sri Vrindavana-dhama. Thus within my vision I will always behold the beautiful pastimes of Radha and Krishna. (4) I beg you to make me a follower of the cowherd damsels of Vraja.

Who is the founder of the ISKCON temple?

ISKCON Temple, Vrindavan Overview Also known as Sri Krishna-Balaram Mandir, this temple was built in 1975 on the instructions of Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, who is the founder-acharya of ISKCON. The core objective of this temple was to increase awareness about the Vedic scriptures and the Bhagavad Gita.

How does Srila Prabhupada relate to Tulasi Puja?

Srila Prabhupada stressed this by making Tulasi puja a daily part of our morning program. Tulasi-devi is an expansion of Vrinda-devi in this world. Every morning we pray to Vrinda-devi. Tulasi-devi is a pure devotee of Krishna and she should be treated with the same respect given to all Krishna’s pure devotees.