Can Power BI connect directly sap?

Can Power BI connect directly sap?

With Power BI Desktop, you can access SAP Business Warehouse (BW) data. You can choose one or the other connector when connecting to SAP BW from Power BI Desktop. We suggest you use the Implementation 2.0 SAP Connector whenever possible.

How do I connect Power BI to SAP?

In order to try out this connector, you will need to:

  1. Install the Power BI Desktop March Update.
  2. Install the SAP RFC SDK (version 6.4 or greater) in your local machine (that is, the machine that is running Power BI Desktop).
  3. Enable the “SAP Business Warehouse Connector” Preview feature in Power BI Desktop.

How does Power BI connect to SAP Business Warehouse?

Connect to an SAP BW Application Server from Power Query Desktop

  1. From the Home tab of Power BI Desktop, select Get Data > SAP Business Warehouse Application Server.
  2. Enter the server name, system number, and client ID of the SAP BW Application Server you want to connect to.

What is Microsoft Office SAP?

SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office, edition for SAP Analytics Cloud, is a Microsoft Office Add-In that allows multidimensional analysis of data sources in Microsoft Excel and MS Excel workbook application design. It is available for the following Microsoft Office versions: Office 365 (Excel)

What is data analytics in SAP?

SAP Predictive Analytics is business intelligence software from SAP that is designed to enable organizations to analyze large data sets and predict future outcomes and behaviors.

How do I install SAP Analysis for office?


  1. Start the installer file (.exe).
  2. Select Next >.
  3. Select the components you want to install, in the component list of the SAP Front End Installer dialog box:
  4. Choose Next.
  5. If necessary, change the target directory and choose Next to start the installation.
  6. In the confirmation screen, choose Done.

How do I enable SAP Analysis in office?

1 – Open Excel Options. 2 – Click on “Add-Ins” tab and select “Disabled Items” in Manage box. Then click “Go”. 3 – If the Analysis Office Add-In is listed here select it and click on Enable.

What is the difference between SAP HANA and s4hana?

The Key Difference between SAP HANA & SAP S/4 HANA SAP HANA is an in-memory database technology which acts as the core technology for a lot of other SAP or non-SAP applications whereas SAP S/4 HANA is a new generation ERP solution which runs on SAP HANA database architecture.

What data sources are available for SAP Analysis edition for Microsoft Office?

SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office It allows you to analyze and plan with data sources from SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP BW, SAP BW/4HANA, and SAP HANA.

How does Microsoft Power BI work with SAP?

Microsoft Power BI has new SAP BW and SAP HANA connectors. Learn more about these connectors. Today Microsoft and SAP announced the general availability of Power BI connectivity to SAP BusinessObjects BI. This joint business intelligence interoperability solution is delivered in Microsoft Excel, Power BI for Office 365, and SAP BusinessObjects BI.

What are the data sources for Power BI?

With respect to SAP data sources, Power BI can connect to SAP HANA calculation views, SAP Business Warehouse application server (cubes, Bex queries), SAP BPC cubes, SAP BW4/HANA and SAP Business warehouse message service.

Can a Power BI report be published to SAP HANA?

While this feature is in Preview, reports created using the multi-dimensional approach cannot be published to the Power BI service, and doing so will result in errors when the report is opened within the Power BI service. When connecting to SAP HANA as a multi-dimensional source, the following considerations apply:

Can a Power BI visual match a SAP Visual?

As such, the numbers seen in a Power BI visual will not necessarily match those for a corresponding visual in an SAP tool. For example, when connecting to a query cube from a BEx query that sets the aggregation to be Cumulated (i.e. running sum), Power BI would get back the base numbers, ignoring that setting.