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Can blue dachshunds be KC registered?

Can blue dachshunds be KC registered?

Rightly so, blue dachshund’s are called ‘highly undesirable’ by the UK Kennel Club Breed Standard. They’re rare in the UK (which frustratingly makes people want them more) but more common in the US and other countries.

How much do pedigree dachshunds cost?

On average, a Kennel Club registered dachshund costs £1200-£2000 or $1500-$2500. You may find well-bred dachshunds cheaper but, if the price looks too good to be true, the dachshund may not have been bred responsibly or the puppy may not exist at all.

Are Teckels KC registered?

Which size teckel is this? “In Britain teckels are registered with The Kennel Club as dachshunds and are divided by coat type and into two sizes, miniature and standard,” he explains.

What is the standard for miniature dachshunds?

Mini Vs. Full-Size Dachshund Traits

Weight Standard Dachshund: 16–32 lbs Miniature Dachshund: 9–11 lbs
Height Standard: 8–11 inches Miniature: 5–6 inches
Coat type Short Wiry Long
Coat color Black Brown Red Cream Isabella Sable Brindle Pied
Shedding Moderate

What is a red dachshund?

The Red Dachshund (AKC) They have black noses and tails and can either be clear or shaded. This is the most common color. The clear Doxie doesn’t have any white markings, and their coat doesn’t have any black tint. A shaded red dog will have a black tint to their hair, usually on the ears and tail and the back.

Is there a white dachshund?

Dachshunds can have white markings on their coats. In fact, others even have a full white coat, although this is not as common as your darker-colored ones. They have been accepted as a standard breed for dachshund. As mentioned earlier, white Dachshunds can either be an Albino or a Double Dapple.

Are KC registered puppies more expensive?

In general terms, it might be more expensive to buy a pedigree KC registered dog, but the prices do vary, and some non-KC breeders selling ‘rare’ colours or patterns charge even more, despite all the associated health risks (see above)!

What’s the difference between dachshund and mini dachshunds?

The main difference between miniature and standard dachshunds is size. Miniatures are noticeably smaller than standards at around 13 and 18 cm (5–6 inches) to their withers, and standards 20–22 cm (8–9 inches) to their withers. If it says between 13 and 18 cm (5–6 inches), he’s a miniature.

Is there a Teckel Society in the UK?

The Society provides facilities to record UK working Teckels, a puppy register and details of dogs available at stud. It is the objective of the Society to keep an accurate register of pedigrees of working Teckels. A pedigree tracing service is also offered.

Who are the members of the Teckel Stud Book Society?

The UK Teckel Stud Book Society was founded in 1999 by Nick Valentine, Brenda and Trevor Humphrey for the benefit of owners of working Teckels. The Society provides facilities to record UK working Teckels, a puppy register and details of dogs available at stud.

Where does the Teckel breed of dog come from?

Teckels originate in Germany and range in size and coat. The three different sizes are: Within these three sizes we also find smooth, long and wire haired varieties with the wire being the most recognised and worked on our shores. I work my own at various disciplines which includes shooting.

What makes a Teckel a Category C dog?

CATEGORY C: Teckels with no pedigree, show-bred Dachshunds and first crosses of a Teckel with any other breed of dog. All progeny of category “C” dogs can be upgraded to category “B” when bred to a fully registered “A” Teckel.