Can Apple recover broken iPhone data?

Can Apple recover broken iPhone data?

All that is to say: It’s absolutely possible to recover data from an unresponsive, damaged iPhone, as long as you can fix it to a point where it boots up and unlocks.

How much does iPhone data recovery cost?


Data Recovery for iPhones, Flash Drives, Memory Cards Price
iPhone Data Recovery, Tier 1 $300
iPhone Data Recovery, Tier 2 $400
Flash Drive/Memory Card Data Recovery Diagnostic $75
Flash Drive Data Recovery $300

Can Apple recover photos from broken iPhone?

An Apple employee at an Apple store may be able to retrieve your photos depending on how damaged the iPhone is. If your iPhone doesn’t turn on, your best bet for retrieving photos that aren’t backed up to the cloud is to contact third-party tech repair shops to see if they can help.

Can you retrieve photos from a broken iPhone?

Yes, fortunately, you can easily recover photos from dead/broken iPhones by either using iCloud, iTunes backup or a third-party recovery tool to restore stored data from your device. You can download and install any iPhone photo recovery tool on your PC and instantly recover your precious memories within no time.

How can I get data off my iPhone if it wont turn on?

Follow these steps:

  1. Check for a recent iCloud backup file. Logging onto your iCloud account with your Apple ID will allow you to view your latest backup file and check it has the data you are looking for.
  2. Erase your iPhone’s data file.
  3. Restore data from iCloud.
  4. Choose the correct backup.
  5. Restore iCloud backup.

Can data be recovered after a factory reset?

Yes! It’s absolutely possible to recover data after factory reset Android. Because whenever you delete a file from your Android phone or your factory reset your Android phone, the data stored on your phone never gets permanently wiped out. The data remains hidden in the storage space of your Android phone.

How can I recover data from my iPhone?

Launch iPhone Data Recovery program, locate on the “Recover” window, move to the mode ” Recover iOS Data “. You can see all your iTunes backup files at list on the frame. Select the ones including your deleted files, then click ” Start Scan “.

Is it possible to recover iPhone data after a restore?

Download and install Dr.Fone on your computer. Launch the program and select “Data Recovery” from Dr.Fone tools.

  • Connect your iPhone and then choose “Recover from iTunes Backup File” from the left column.
  • and click “Start Scan” to get it extracted.
  • Does iPhone data recovery work?

    Some iPhone recovery software really does work . There’s no knowing if the software you’ve downloaded will be effective in getting back your lost files or not. So go for one that’s tried and tested by a substantial number of users. For the best in the market and guaranteed restoration of lost data, use FoneDog toolkit – iOS Data Recovery.

    Do your data recovery for iPhone?

    Step 1: Run Do Your Data Recovery for iPhone. Run Do Your Data Recovery for iPhone on your computer, connect the iOS device with your computer. Step 2: Scan the iOS Device. Click on ” Scan ” button to scan the iOS device to find deleted/lost data. Step 3: Preview and recover deleted/lost data. After scanning, preview all recoverable iOS data.