Are Tilley lamps still made?

Are Tilley lamps still made?

Makers of the Famous Tilley Storm Lamp Since 1920 we have been producing our famous lamps. Tilley moved from Belfast in the year 2000. The company today remains a family business, which continues to manufacture the world famous Tilley Stormlight in the South of England.

What fuel does a Tilley lamp use?

The Tilley Pressure Lamp. How does it work? On pressurising the fuel tank, Paraffin, (kerosene), is forced from the fuel tank through control tap and into the vapourising tube. The vapourising tube is pre-heated by methylated spirit, (alcohol), in a torch cup clipped around the tube.

How do you clean an old Tilley Lamp?

Take the hood off and unscrew the burner from the hood. Soak it in 1/3 vinegar and water for two hours, clean it with a cloth or if it’s really dirty, some 00 or 000 steel wool. Make sure there is no gunk inside the burner.

How long does a Tilley lamp last?

The burn time will depend largely on the pressure in the tank as will the brightness. I’d say for a lantern, a tank of fuel will last an evening – maybe 6-7 hours at a guess…

Can I use petrol in a paraffin lamp?

NEVER USE gasoline, Coleman fuel, white gas, paint thinner, wood alcohol, diesel, naphtha, turpentine, or any other explosive fuel in a wick lamp or lantern of any type. NEVER USE aviation fuels in any wick lamp or lantern, as the fumes from de-icing additives can be fatal if inhaled.

Can I use petrol in a Tilley lamp?

I would use nothing but kerosene (paraffin) in a Tilley. They are not designed for other fuels. Anything volatile like Coleman fuel would be dangerous if your in the pump NRV failed.

Can you use methylated spirits in a Tilley lamp?

Yes, denatured alcohol is what you need to use to preheat your lamps.

How do you remove rust from a Tilley lamp?

You can remove rust by rubbing it with an abrasive, such as steel wool, but that treatment is likely to scratch a delicate antique. You can also dissolve rust with acid, while vinegar — mixed with salt — is just strong enough to do the job without harming the metal.

What kind of lantern is the Tilley x246?

Among pressurized kerosene lamps one of my favorites is Tilley X246 “Guardsman”, a beautiful British-made lantern from the 1950s. Its slightly less solidly built successor, the X246B is still made by Tilley, and many parts are interchangeable between the two.

Where can I get new Tilley pressure lamp parts?

These are the most robust of the Tilleys. While you can get new Tilley parts from Tilley, I usually only get vaporisers from them, if I need them.

Is the Tilley x246 Guardsman indestructible?

Apparently the last model to be made before the cost cutting began, the “Guardsman” was built to be as indestructible as the older ones, while also having some neat newer features. It still has a pressure indicator, and its tank is still solid enough to make causing damage by overpumping almost impossible.

When does the Tilley vaporiser light dim down?

When a Tilley burner is nearing the end of it’s working life, it will usually still fire up, but the light will dim down after a few minutes. The burner is only of use for parts then, Jeff. Hum, the burner should now be tight and looks ok. Yet I found out that there was a lot of soot in the vaporiser.