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Are there carp in the River Nene?

Are there carp in the River Nene?

The Carp Lake Full of Tench, Bream, Roach, Chub Etc, with some specimen Carp along the way to over 30lb. Popular for Pike in the Winter. Willow Creek, A delightful tree lined, River Nene backwater, starts with a tumbling weir off the main River which runs through the middle of the complex and rejoins.

How do I get to Castor backwater?

Castor Backwater and Main River This fishery is accessed from the bottom of Station Road, Ailsworth PE5 7AH where parking is available on the roadside. Once parked, cross the Nene Valley Railway line using the pedestrian gate and then through the green metal entrance gate.

What fish live in the River Nene?

Adam Milling with a brace of River Nene Pike – Note the excellent fish care & soft matt in use….All hold a wealth of coarse fish including but not limited to:

  • Carp (common & Mirror)
  • Crucian Carp.
  • Chubb.
  • Bream (Skimmers & double figure specimen fish)
  • Tench.
  • Roach.
  • Rudd.
  • Dace.

Can I fish on the River Nene?

River Nene – Oundle Stretches In terms of fishing, these stretches of The Nene support a wide range of fish species in a number of different types of habitat. Matches along all of these stretches produce strong mixed weights of silvers and these in turn produce some large predator species as well.

Where is the river Nene?

River Nen, also spelled Nene, river rising in the East Midlands, England, flowing 90 miles (145 km) from limestone uplands in a generally northeastward course to The Wash, a shallow North Sea inlet. It flows past Northampton and Oundle to Peterborough in a broad valley.

Can I fish the River Nene?

Can you fish in Ferry Meadows?

You can fish all year round in some areas of Ferry Meadows. For disabled anglers there are two stands close by the Lakeside centre car park which are accessible to wheelchairs.

Where is the River Nene?

Is it safe to swim in the Nene?

Oundle. The most popular place for wild swimming is in the River Nene at Oundle. The river is usually thick and flat here with open green fields on either side. You can swim in either direction but look out for people canoeing or kayaking and even paddleboarders.

Can you fish in Nene Park?

Where to catch carp in the Nene River?

The Nene around Billing Aquadrome has always been a favourite of local carp anglers, one that many will tell you they ‘will fish at some point’ and rarely end up doing so.

Where are the angling clubs in the Nene Valley?

The Wellingborough and District Nene Angling Club control three separate sections of river and a lake at Barnwell near Oundle. The fishing complex at Ringstead Island is a designated SSSI site owned outright by our club.

What kind of fish are in Nene Valley Pond?

The pond is a small clay pit formed as a result of sand quarrying. The pond has a stock of Roach, Rudd and Carp. Day permits available for coarse fishing.

How big are the Carp in Rosewater fishery?

Our resident fish have been caught and range from 16 – 32lbs with bigger fish seen, but never caught! With additions to our resident fish and support from V.S Fisheries, we have now introduced carp from 7 – 24lbs to take our stocks to 200+ carp, with further stocking polices in place.