Are there any red cichlids?

Are there any red cichlids?

Species Summary The Red Devil Cichlid, known scientifically as Amphilophus labiatus, is a beloved fish with a charismatic personality. These fish are known to develop bonds with their owners. No matter what you call them, Red Devil Cichlids are a great fish for any aquarist.

Are Red Peacock cichlids aggressive?

Even though Peacock Cichlids are fairly peaceful, they can become aggressive over territory.

What kind of cichlid is a Red Devil?

Amphilophus labiatus
Amphilophus labiatus is a large cichlid fish endemic to Lake Managua and Lake Nicaragua in Central America. It is also known by the common name red devil cichlid, which it shares with another closely related cichlid, A. citrinellus.

Is a red empress a hap?

Protomelas taeniolatus (often sold under various trade names: Haplochromis red empress, red empress or spindle hap) is a Haplochromine cichlid endemic to Lake Malawi in Eastern Africa. The fish is popular in the aquarium hobby due to the bright rainbow-like colors of adult males and its relatively peaceful temperament.

What other species can a cichlid live with?

African cichlids encompass the largest genus of the cichlid family, with well over 100 species. Male and female African cichlids will live well together in the same tank; they’ll do well also with other territorial fish such as green spotted puffers and Leopard ctenopomas. Catfish also make ideal tank mates and will aid in keeping your tank clean.

What to feed a red devil cichlid?

or flakes.

  • or even algae.
  • crickets.
  • Supplements that are rich in carotene – this supplement can be incredibly helpful for boosting the fish’s metabolism and to prevent diseases and health problems.
  • What does this cichlid look like?

    Texas cichlid has oval shaped, flattened from sides body with a concave forehead and curved back. The fish has big head and large mouth. It can be up to 30 cm long (20 inches), but the female is a bit smaller than the male. However, in tanks this fish grows smaller in general (about 20 cm long).

    What are good tankmates with African cichlids?

    The spotted Raphael catfish, hifin catfish, upside down catfish, ocellifer catfish and spotted catfish are all suitable as tankmates for African cichlids.