Are the Warframe characters human?

Are the Warframe characters human?

Warframes ARE people. Mostly. So it turns out that Warframes are made from people who have been given a specific, nasty strain of the Infestation called Helminth. And of course, the Orokin being Orokin, they decide to jump straight to human trials on their elite guards, the Dax.

What species are the Tenno?

Species statistics The Tenno are a race of warriors, derived from the Orokin race, themselves an offshoot of the Human race. Each Tenno possesses a suit of remote-controlled armor called a Warframe.

Are Tenno alive?

They are alive but they can only function when a tenno operates them. This is so the orokin empire can keep them under control. Without a tenno the frames are unstable and unpredictable.

Are Tenno robots?

Initially, it wasn’t entirely clear if the Tenno were superhumans, robots, or something in between. They are indeed human (albeit with Void powers), and hardly physically and psychologically older than teens and the Warframes are robotic Remote Bodies.

Is Corpus a human?

Corpus soldiers are human. Most have some degree of cybernetic modification, but not to the extent that the Grineer are modified. If you study the Cephalon Fragments, you’ll also find that the Corpus are eugenicists, purpose-breeding populations of workers for a particular job.

Are warframe the infested?

At some point in time, the Orokin performed experiments on the Infestation on Earth, uninhabitable to humans due to its toxic atmosphere. Thus, Warframes were created out of the Helminth strain of the Infestation.

Who is the Tenno?

Tennō, (Japanese: “heavenly emperor”), the title of Japan’s chief of state, bestowed posthumously together with the reign name chosen by the emperor (e.g., Meiji Tennō, the emperor Meiji).

Are Warframes conscious?

The behavior of the original Warframes does in fact, resemble super-soldiers with severe PTSD: they were outwardly able to cope until violence raged around them, which tipped them into a berzerk rage; 3) Warframe minds are ugly, rage- and-pain-filled, as Sylvana found out when she tried transference on Titania.

What is the meaning of Tenno?

emperor of Japan
: an emperor of Japan regarded as a religious leader and held to be an incarnation of the divine — compare mikado.

What are Corpus weak against?

The Grineer, for example, like to use armor and are typically weak against Puncture, Corrosive, Viral or Radiation damage. The Corpus, meanwhile, heavily rely on shields and are susceptible to Magnetic, Impact, Cold, Toxin or Viral damage. Infested are weak against Slash, Heat, Gas, Corrosive or Blast attacks.

What kind of spacecraft does the Tenno use?

The Orbiters are spacecraft used by the Tenno to travel throughout the Solar System to and from missions. They also act as the Tenno’s mobile base, carrying all of their various equipment and arsenal of weapons. An Orokin AI called Ordis acts as the main computer for the Tenno’s ship.

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Where does the name Tenno come from In Warframe?

The name “Tenno” dates back to the Hayden Tenno character from Digital Extremes’s previous game Dark Sector. Warframe often uses concepts, art styles, names, and other materials from Dark Sector, due to it being a spiritual successor to the game itself.

What do you need to know about the skeletal system?

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