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Are Takamine guitars expensive?

Are Takamine guitars expensive?

While you can find some excellent mid-range options for around $500, most Takamine guitars run over $1,000. However, despite an initial high cost, a high-end Takamine guitar will last a lifetime with no diminished sound quality.

How much does a Takamine G Series guitar cost?

Pricing for new Takamine G Series guitars ranges from $259.99 to $859.99 (MSRP).

Where are the Takamine g220s acoustic guitars made?

Again, the acoustic tone lacks energy compared to the dreadnought. With most major guitar manufacturers now using Chinese facilities in order to remain competitive, Takamine has sensibly followed suit. Production of high-end models will continue in Japan, but G Series acoustics will now be built in China (as well as Korea and Taiwan).

Is the Takamine G series still on sale?

Korg UK (Takamine’s UK distributor) endeavours to keep its Takamine range as logical and well-pruned as possible. But there may be some confusion as residual stock of certain discontinued G Series models will still be on sale while lower-priced Chinese-built replacements start appearing, some with the same model codes.

Is the Takamine g220s-ns a solid spruce top?

Solid spruce tops can vary from model to model – this one is darker than normal due to its denser orange streaks; and this results in an aesthetically pleasing earthiness. Bar the lack of cutaway, and its non-compensated saddle’s intonation issues, the G220S-NS is much the same to play as other Takamines.

Why is the neck pitching on a Takamine g220s?

However, this review model features a particularly extreme example of neck pitching, with more than enough ‘spare’ on the saddle – there’s more poking out than there is sitting in the slot. This definitely ensures that the strings make a healthy rake angle over it, which improves volume and tone.