Are Ritchey handlebars good?

Are Ritchey handlebars good?

Expensive, but excellent quality carbon bars that are competitive on price and weight when stacked up against the competition. The shape is good and they are easy to install/live with. If you’re after light, carbon aero bars then the Ritchey WCS Carbon Streem II are among the best options out there.

How are Ritchey handlebars measured?

Registered. Handlebars are meaured at the ends of the bars, usually center to center. Some bars will flare a bit either inward or outward at various places, giving a different measurement. If it measures 44.5cm at the ends, then it is probably a 44.

What does WCS stand for Ritchey?

World Championship Series
WCS stands for World Championship Series and every piece of kit flies the World Championship rainbow bands in homage to the ‘numerous world championships that have been won on Ritchey’.

Why are gravel bike handlebars flared?

According to Bombtrack, “The flared design offers a more natural hand position making long days in the saddle that little bit more comfortable. The wider shape leaves a large space in the center for a bar bag, and also allows more steering control thanks to the extra leverage.”

Are Ritchey bike components good?

Race proven, time tested and created for the ride from the ride, Ritchey continues to be the standard for ride quality. Anything but standard, shop Ritchey and discover why no other bike component has been trusted by more bicycle brands or teams than Ritchey.

How old is Ritchey?

About 65 years (1956)
Tom Ritchey/Age
Tom Ritchey (born 1956) is an American bicycle frame builder, Category 1 racer, fabricator, designer, and founder of Ritchey Design.

What makes Ritchey Road bike handlebars so good?

Ritchey road bike handlebars are unrivaled, providing top performance, reliable comfort and confident control for riders of every type, skill level and budget. Reach, drop, sweep, ergonomics, and aerodynamics are optimized for each individual series—SuperLogic, WCS and Comp.

What are the features of Ritchey WCS Streem handlebars?

While its comfort is bolstered by the stress-relieving compact drop, ever so gentle back sweep and slight drop flare, its increasing radius drops offer multiple hand positions.

What kind of handlebars does Tom Ritchey make?

Ritchey Comp Streem road bar with internal cable routing, a wing-shaped top section, and compact drop. Tom Ritchey has been making off-road mountain bike handlebars for decades, and his designs have not only been a staple on the World Cup cross country circuit, but have often dominated it—claiming multiple World Championship titles along the way.

What kind of bar does Ritchey evocurve have?

Ritchey SuperLogic EvoCurve bar with 4-degree sweep, short reach, shallow drop and full or partial internal routing. Ritchey Comp Streem road bar with internal cable routing, a wing-shaped top section, and compact drop.