Are Phoenix safes any good?

Are Phoenix safes any good?

The Phoenix Safe Company have been around a long time, but most of their safes are now manufactured in China and elsewhere. However, the quality is excellent and the price very keen.

Where are Phoenix safes made?

Phoenix Safe Company is one of the oldest UK manufacturers of safes and security products and can trace its history back to Liverpool in 1799. In the current time we are a European leader in Fire & Security safes, with Office and warehousing in UK, Germany, France and Spain.

How do I open a Phoenix safe without the key?

Make use of a magnet.

  1. Using a paper clip to open a safe. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to open a safe without a key is to use a paper clip.
  2. Make use of a screwdriver to open a safe without a key.
  3. Opening the safe with the aid of a knife or similar tool.
  4. Drilling through the safe.

How do I open a Phoenix safe?

Opening your safe for the fist time / Override key Remove the grey plastic plug at the bottom of the keypad (1) insert one of your emergency keys into the lock, turn anticlockwise. Whilst holding the key in position, turn the handle to open your safe.

What is the best fireproof safe for home use UK?

With an insurance rating of £2,000 cash and £20,000 valuables, the Yale Certified Home Safe is a great all-rounder and it’s available in a range of other sizes too. Tested to provide up to 60 minutes of protection against fire for important documents, the Safe FireStar safe is the best fireproof option for home use.

How thick should a safe wall be?

When it comes to body wall thickness, Safes typically range anywhere from 14 gauge to 1″. For the door anything from 14 gauge to 1.5″ is common. The thicker the steel, the longer it will take to get through, thus more steel equals more security.

Is Phoenix safe to live?

While Phoenix isn’t the most dangerous city in the United States, it does have a higher-than-average crime rate. The property crime and violent crime rates in Phoenix are above average for the United States.

What is a good brand of home safe?

Compare the best home safes

Product Lock type
Best overall safe SentrySafe SFW123GDC Keypad, key
Best basic safe AmazonBasics Keypad Safe Keypad, key
Best budget safe SentrySafe 1200 Key
Best biometric safe Verifi Smart Safe Fingerprint, key

Where did the Phoenix Safe Company come from?

Phoenix Safe company is one of the oldest manufacturers of safes and security products in Great Britain and can trace its history back to Liverpool in 1799 where it produced steel banded wooden strongboxes for the merchant fleets sailing to the Americas.

What kind of protection does Phoenix safe offer?

Not all files and safes are created equal, and none rival the protection you get in products from Phoenix Safe International, LLC. Our products are tested and rated to protect your documents and data from fire, water and theft.

Is there an app for the Phoenix safe?

The Phoenix Safe app is designed to give you our latest product guide at your finger tips. Includes everything from luxury safes to key boxes and filing cabinets.

Which is the best fire safe to buy?

Phoenix Safes are world famous for their quality and exceptional value. Choose from the Phoenix Fire safe range, the Phoenix Data Fire safe range and the Phoenix Security safe range including Phoenix Eurograde and Electronic options. Phoenix have the widest range of quality fire and security safes for the home or office.