7 Tips for Buying Safe and Effective CBD Products

7 Tips for Buying Safe and Effective CBD Products

CBD seems to be the buzz product of the moment, you can’t scroll through Instagram or Facebook without seeing adverts for all types of CBD products, from oils to infused coffee and gummies, but how can you be sure of what you are purchasing?

There are so many different companies on the expanding online market from where you can Shop CBD products and assure you that you are getting the right product for you that actually has the health benefits its says you are going to derive from taking it. You can buy cbd products ( here.

Buy From A Specialist

If you are taking something like CBD, you want to be sure that you know what you are putting into your body. If you are thinking of purchasing your CBD from amazon, think again! Remember the CBD market is still in its early stages and is currently unregulated, so you want to research well established companies who have your best interest at heart. Look for businesses that post their ingredients list and tell you how their product is made.

Laboratory Testing and Analysis

Has the product that you are thinking of purchasing been tested by a third-party laboratory? If it has, it will say so on the product website, but you will need to go hunting for the results of that test. If you can’t find the results of the test it can be indicative of a few things, firstly it may be that the quantities of CBD in the product are lower than what the label is stating. It could also mean that the product is not actually safe for human consumption. You can reach out to the company and ask that they supply this information, but some may not be happy to do so. If you want to be sure what you are putting into your body is safe, look for responsible businesses that have a certificate of analysis and are transparent with their lab reports and ingredient lists.

Look For Products Made In the USA

The USA has the CBD market on lock, they have been doing longer than most other countries so know which crops make for the best products as well as how to extract the most CBD. Farmers in the united states have a higher quality of soil and superior cultivation methods that lead to a better-quality plant which results in a better product.

Think About The Type Of CBD You Want

There are a variety of different products out there all geared towards different users and different results. If you are looking to take CBD for the first time are unsure of what type of product you want look for isolate CBD products. These products only have CBD and not the over 422 cannabis stevia compounds in them. Whilst there is more evidence to suggest that full spectrum products are better for you and more effective, isolates are good place to start.

THC Percentage

Depending on which country you currently reside in changes the amount of THC that CBD products can legally have in them. IF you are living in the UK the blanket rule is that any CBD products with a THC level over .2% is illegal, whilst that may seem silly it means that any product that has a THC level over this is unregulated and potentially dangerous. Consider why you want to take CBD if you are only looking for products with a higher THC level.

Look For Products That Are Infused

Infusion is the key to effective CBD products, you want to look for products that infuse over heating on the basis that over heating CBD reduces its overall effectiveness. Heating chances the molecular build of the compound and can reduce its effectiveness. Infusion takes place over a low heat and takes a long time to complete as does cold pressed, this results in a superior product that will give you the full range of benefits CBD has to offer.

Chose How You Want To Take IT

There are so many products out there on the market, so you have so many ways that you can get your dose of CBD. You can buy CBD infused coffee, gummies, snacks, crackers, salad dressing, you name it, you can get it. However, the most effective way of taking CBD will always be through a cold pressed oil or tincture. This limits the human interference and if you did want to take CBD in your coffee, you could simply add it yourself. Having your own oil provides you with far more versatility.

Final Considerations

There is a high level of market saturation when it comes to CBD products, make sure that you are careful when you are selecting them so that you can be sure what you are putting in your body. Keep away from distributors such as amazon and consult specialist companies that will help you make the best decision for you whilst being utterly transparent about their products and laboratory analysis. Once you have the formalities out of the way and have settled on the product, you can then start reaping the health benefits of taking CBD.