4 Reasons to Visit Toronto This Spring

4 Reasons to Visit Toronto This Spring

It’s referred to affectionately by locals as the Big Smoke, Hogtown, TO and the Six. But you can call it by a different name: your next vacation.

Canada’s biggest city not only captures the essence of what makes the country as a whole special, with its congenial spirit and beautiful, tourist-friendly scenery, but it takes it a step further. Toronto is a cosmopolitan city filled to the brim with exciting activities, unforgettable experiences and vibrant civic passion.

Plus, it’s close (at least for North Americans). You don’t need any more reasons than the above to visit this special city, but in case you need a little extra encouragement, here are five reasons to head north this spring!

You Can’t Beat the Spring Blossoms in High Park

Outside Japan, cherry blossoms are pretty rare. Rarer still is to see them in the kind of abundance found in Toronto’s High Park. One of the largest city parks in North America gets an annual deluge of cherry blossoms around late-April, early-May. Originally, the sakura trees planted in High Park were a gift from the citizens of Tokyo, but they proliferated and have now become a part of the city’s identity.

See the Birthplace of the Axe Throwing Trend

Axe throwing has swept across North America, with facilities in pretty much every major city, but Toronto is where it all started. First developed by a group of Toronto friends looking to take their favorite cottage pastime and make it into a sport, axe throwing is in the city’s blood. If you travelled to Canada for a little excitement, have a great time with your friends throwing axes and drinking beer at one of the city’s fine facilities.

The Raptors Are on a Hot Streak

Hot off the heels of last year’s championship win, the Toronto Raptors are once again in the race for the championship. Regardless of where you’re from, this is an exciting team to watch, and the excitement in the Scotiabank Arena is always infectious.

Not a basketball fan? Check out the beginning of the baseball season in the Roger’s Arena, as the young Blue Jays team face off against other American League teams. Or do the Canadian thing and head, once again, to the Scotiabank arena to see the Toronto Maple Leafs (hopefully) play in the NHL playoffs.

Hang From the Tallest Freestanding Structure in North America

The CN Tower dominates Toronto’s skyline. In fact, it’s the tallest freestanding structure in North America, edging out Chicago’s Willis Tower. What’s better, you can actually hang from the top. That’s right, as part of the CN Tower’s “Edge Walk” experience, you can strap yourself in with cables to the top of the tower, and walk full-circle, hands-free around it. If you’re afraid of heights, it might be best to skip this one!

Whether you’re looking to throw axes with your friends, watch a thrilling game of basketball, stroll through the breathtaking cherry blossoms or hang over a thousand feet in the air, Toronto has you covered. Just remember to say your “please” and “thank you” to people!