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Will I need spacers before braces?

Will I need spacers before braces?

Do You Need Spacers for Braces? Not everyone will need spacers during their braces treatment, but it is a common aspect of treatment for many patients. Many people’s teeth are nestled close to each other, so spacers are necessary to create a bit of space where the metal bands will go.

Do spacers hurt worse than braces?

Do spacers hurt more than braces? Pain is different for everyone. One person might consider spacers to be very painful, while someone else may feel they’re mostly just irritating. But pain is a common complaint among people who wear braces and those who get spacers prior to having braces put in.

Can you have a spacer and braces at the same time?

They are typically placed between the molars (back teeth), or between specific front or middle teeth, to create space before braces are fastened on. A patient may have one to eight spacers installed before braces are fitted. More often than not, a tooth spacer is used if the patient’s teeth are too close together.

What is the point of spacers before braces?

Spacers are usually used to put spaces in between teeth before braces are established. It can be agitating or painful, but patients are often warned not to pick at them or they will fall out. They are usually rubber, but sometimes they can be metal. They can be used when a patient’s teeth are too close together.

How do you eat with a spacer?

You may eat normally with the separators in, but we do recommend avoiding chewing gum and very sticky foods, like chewey/sticky candy (caramel, taffy, tootsie rolls, gummy bears, Snickers bars, and any other sticky candy), as they may make your separators fall out prematurely.

Why do spacers hurt so bad?

If the patient has a relatively small amount of space between their molars (or none at all), then the spacer may irritate the nerves in the gum of the mouth, causing constant pain. In some cases the spacer digs into the gums, causing bleeding and swelling; and would be more uncomfortable than the actual braces.

What are spacers before braces?

Where do the Spacers go on your braces?

They gently create a small amount of space between the teeth, where your orthodontist will fit metal bands which anchor the archwire of the braces appliance. These metal bands go on your back molars, so this is where the orthodontic spacers will be placed.

How much does it cost to get rubber spacers for braces?

For most braces cases, rubber spacers will be used. Spacers are included as part of your braces treatment, so you don’t need to worry about an added cost. The total cost of braces is about $1,700 to $6,000, depending on your specific case and where you seek treatment, and spacers are a part of that price.

How long does it take for braces spacers to stop hurting?

Generally, this discomfort of spacers will fade as your teeth get used to the feeling of the spacers. Your teeth should stop hurting after 2-3 days, but you might still feel the pressure of the orthodontic separators throughout the time they are between your teeth. This is normal, because it means the spacers are working.

Do you need a spacer for Clear aligners?

Invisalign clear aligners treatments, for instance, do not require spacers. The application process is simple: the orthodontist or an assistant will use a specialized instrument to install the spacer between two of your back teeth. This procedure occurs about 1-2 weeks before the bands are inserted.